How it's used

For reading physicians

Scan results available via radiology viewing software

Simplifying reading activities

Merge PACS has been designed from the ground-up with a consistent focus on improving reading workflow anywhere in the enterprise. It’s not just a high-performance viewer, but a critical platform for the delivery of patient care; one that simplifies physicians’ reading activities, eases access to patient data, and ensures business performance and continuity in multiple reading environments.

For IT professionals

person looking at a monitor

Control the flow

Enterprise PACS offer real competitive advantages in their ability to help control the flow of studies across the enterprise. Merge PACS in particular eases access to patient data and ensures business performance and continuity in multiple reading environments.



Simplify and empower

Leverage innovative worklist


Receive real-time case updates in a smart composite worklist

Read on a single platform

mult windows

Read multiple specialties and launch 3rd party viewers in context

Access studies seamlessly from anywhere

global network

Read in local, remote, distributed and teleradiology environments

Build a comprehensive view of a patient’s case

medical charts

Access images as well as in-context patient data form the EHR

Drive critical communications


Collaborate seamlessly with embedded instant messages and notes in the worklist

Achieve true business continuity

business continuity

Trust a completely replicated and active-active environment

Merge PACS editions


• Merge PACS

• Analytics engine

• Clinical AI insights from EHR


• Merge PACS Standard Edition

• Orchestrated workflow

• Orchestrated clinical AI insights

Premium Insights

• Merge PACS Orchestrator Edition

• AI module for brain bleed

• AI module for chest conditions


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