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Licensing overview

The IBM® Maximo® Application Suite (MAS) comes in three packages: client managed, software as a service (SaaS) or managed by IBM Site Reliability Engineering. They have a simplified licensing and usage model leveraging a credit-based system called AppPoints. This provides the flexibility to add functions and users, scale your business, and pay only for what you use with a single entitlement that provides access to applications without additional provisioning.

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Product options
Maximo Application Suite

A suite to share entitlements and change your product mix across EAM and APM applications, for when you want to maximize value on new or existing systems.

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Maximo Application Suite as a Service

An intelligent asset management SaaS solution, operated by IBM, that maximizes value of the product and leverages scalability of the cloud environment.

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Maximo Application Suite Dedicated

IBM managed provisioning, installation, configuration, operational support, security, maintenance and administration of Maximo Application Suite on IBM Cloud.

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Hybrid cloud-enabled Maximo Application Suite combined with the flexibility of AppPoints based licensing:


Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Application Suite as a Service

Maximo Application Suite Dedicated

Management model

Client Managed

SaaS - managed by IBM Site Reliability Engineering    

Managed by IBM Site Reliability Engineering

Deployment Option




Supported cloud platforms    

Red Hat Openshift - enabled platforms        

AWS (Red Hat Openshift on AWS)

IBM Cloud


Perpetual, Subscription, Monthly

SaaS subscription based

Perpetual, Subscription, Monthly

Access to all Suite applications

Shared AppPoints

SaaS - based AppPoints

Shared AppPoints

System provisioning, maintenance, and upgrades

Client Managed




Fully customizable

UI and API driven

With approval

Frequently asked questions

How do I decide between the Maximo Application Suite, Maximo Application Suite as a Service, and Maximo Application Suite dedicated options?

The differences between these three options are reflected in the table above. You can make an informed decision based on your specific business needs by choosing the best management model for you, deployment options, and the level of customizations you need.

Do I need to purchase access to all the applications within the suite?

No, thanks to the AppPoints system you only need to install the components you want to deploy.

What are AppPoints?

AppPoints are credits or units of value by which the suite can be licensed. Each application and user type requires a specific number of AppPoints.

Can I choose which hyperscaler cloud service provider I want to deploy IBM Maximo Application Suite?

MAS can be deployed on premises, through hyperscalers (customer managed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other clouds), as SaaS through AWS, or as a dedicated managed service through IBM.

What are the benefits of each deployment option?

If you choose on premise, you’ll purchase MAS from IBM, but you’ll provide infrastructure and you’ll also provision, manage and operate full stack.

If you opt for cloud hyperscalers, you have two options: bring your own license (BYOL) or paid through Marketplace listing. BYOL means you’ll purchase software from IBM and infrastructure from hyperscalers, whereas the second option means you’ll purchase both software and infrastructure from hyperscalers.

There’s also the SaaS option, which means you’ll purchase single part (software, infrastructure, and operations) from either IBM sales/channels or AWS Marketplace. In this case, IBM provisions, manages, and operates your MAS environment on AWS cloud using IBM's AWS cloud account.

Last but not the least, dedicated means you’ll purchase software and managed service (including infrastructure) from IBM, and that IBM provisions, manages, and operates your MAS environment on IBM Cloud or AWS in an IBM owned account.

But you don’t need to make that decision yourself; you can rely on our trusted advisors. Book a consultation with an IBM expert, explain your use case and what you want to achieve through the Maximo Application suite, and you’ll be presented with the best option for you and your business.

Is Red Hat® OpenShift® included with MAS?

Yes, the IBM Maximo Application Suite includes all the supporting software required to install, implement, and use it including IBM Cloud Pak® for Data (CP4D), OpenShift, DB2, and WAS Liberty. For the included programs, there’s no additional purchase required when you’re using them within the suite.

Is there a trial available for me to test the capabilities of IBM Maximo before purchase?

Yes, there’s a guided trial available for two of the capabilities offered with the Maximo Application Suite: Manage (enterprise asset management) and Health (predictive maintenance). You can sign up for trial here.

In addition, there’s a self-guided Maximo Visual Inspection demo for which you can sign up here. There’s also the option of requesting a live demo with a technical expert by filling this form here.

What is the minimum term for the contract?

A Subscription License is a minimum 12-month non-cancellable agreement between you and IBM. This means that you agree to pay for the complete commitment term, and it allows you to renew or to terminate at the end of the term.

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