Create safer, more efficient and reliable operations

Changing economic and regulatory conditions mean that oil and gas companies constantly need better ways to monitor, manage and maintain assets while keeping employees safe.

IBM offers several oil and gas solutions for IoT-driven and AI-driven enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM). These customized solutions are designed to meet your specific business requirements through multiple applications and add-ons.  

Build a more productive, resilient oil and gas operation

Build a more productive, resilient oil and gas operation (01:27)


Improve maintenance practices and plans

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Analyze historical and real-time data to determine asset health, warn of impending failure, and plan condition-based maintenance and schedules.

Understand assets in operational context

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Use asset health and performance data to help operations, maintenance and finance personnel make smarter decisions about scheduling, replacements and investments.

Enhance health, safety and environmental practices

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Leverage integrated HSE data and processes to improve safety, environmental and operational performance in compliance with regulations and operating procedures.

Identify maintenance issues in real time

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Utilize AI-driven predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and automated visual inspection to enhance failure predictions and reduce downtime.


IBM Maximo Oil and Gas

IBM Maximo Oil and Gas gives you the power to manage assets — such as rigs, wells, pipelines, pumps, fleets and plants — on a single platform. Maintain HSE compliance, reduce risk and improve the reliability and performance of your assets by leveraging embedded processes and data models along with oil and gas industry best practices. 

Asset Performance Management (APM)

What is asset performance management? (02:17)

What is asset performance management? (02:17)

Monitor, maintain and replace your assets

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) uses AI and IoT to optimize monitoring, maintenance and replacement actions based on historical and current asset health and weather data. Determine risk exposure based on industry scoring methodology for health, criticality, end-of-life probability and effective age, so you can make smarter decisions, increase uptime, and minimize equipment failure and unplanned repair work.

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