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Inventory promising is no longer just about providing delivery estimates. With its IBM's innovative capabilities, IBM Sterling® Intelligent Promising software is taking the concept to a new level by offering a comprehensive platform that transforms the way retailers manage and fulfill orders. From real-time delivery promises to predictive analytics, our approach goes beyond simply providing an estimated arrival date to shoppers. With this state-of-the-art technology, retailers can now better manage their inventory, optimizing the availability of the right products at the right time and place.


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Why choose IBM? 1%–3%

increase in online sales with estimated arrival date across product listing pages (PLP) and detail pages.1


increase in online sales by reducing returns through accurate and on-time order delivery.1


of shoppers would cancel their cart due to a mismatch between expectations for delivery date and actual delivery date.1

What you get Certainty

Certainty of product availability, delivery estimates, actual delivery and prompt customer service.


Choice for how you order, where and when the order is delivered or picked up and of your post-order service options.


Transparency of the entire order journey, from order tracking to returns.


Profitability in driving higher commerce conversions and in-store sales, and upselling of related products.

Feature details
Fast deliveries Empower shoppers with delivery predictions as early as search pages and PLP.

Precise timeframes Pinpoint delivery times with confidence, down to 15-minute intervals.

Dynamic decisions Bring inventory intelligence to the forefront by enhancing commerce experiences with cutting-edge technology.

Accurate assurance Consistently provide accurate delivery times and complete, perfect orders.

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Cognitive intelligence that helps retailers achieve the lowest fulfillment cost in a more complex fulfillment environment.

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility that delivers on business goals and customer expectations.

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1 IBM Consumer Expectations Study 2022