Why choose IBM Sterling® Intelligent Promising

1% - 3%

increase in online sales with estimated arrival date (EAD) across Product List and Detail pages (PLP/PDP)

3% - 7%

reduction in overall inventory costs by Avoiding costs associated with excess inventory and by reducing investment in inventory working capital.

6% - 12%

reduction in online order fulfillment shipping costs by optimizing sourcing decisions and reducing split shipments

Screenshot showing estimated delivery date simulator in IBM Sterling software

Enhance shopper experiences from discovery to delivery

Preserve brand trust by providing shoppers with greater certainty, choice and transparency across their buying journey. IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising empowers retailers to improve digital conversions and in-store sales while increasing omnichannel profitability.


Strengthen shopper loyalty

Confidently deliver choice and transparency to every shopper throughout the buying journey.

Manage accurate promises

Increase digital conversions by presenting precise promise dates on the product list page, product details page, and during checkout.

Maximize inventory productivity

Reduce order cancellations and optimize inventory by dynamically providing shoppers with enterprise-wide inventory views.

Leverage fulfillment optimization

Balance predefined business rules with real cost drivers to make the best fulfillment decisions for business outcomes, optimizing across thousands of permutations in milliseconds.

Harness artificial intelligence

Utilize AI-powered sales and demand data to recommend sourcing decisions based on customer choice or cost efficiencies.

Increase omnichannel profitability

Drive higher conversions and in-store sales with accurate promise dates, choice in delivery/pickup, upsell of related products and intelligently reduce markdowns and stockouts with machine-learning.


Real-time Promising

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Offers a seamless, efficient omnichannel experience that improves retail conversion rates, reduces shopping cart abandonment and drives sales.

Dynamic Inventory Visibility

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Provides inventory visibility that delivers on business goals and customer expectations.

Fulfillment Optimizer

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Takes advantage of cognitive intelligence to minimize total cost-to-serve.

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