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Instana AutoProfile is a production-grade performance profiler built for both production and development environments. It gives developers continuous and historical code-level view of application performance that is essential for locating CPU, memory allocation and I/O hot spots as well as latency bottlenecks. Included runtime metrics and error monitoring complement profiles for extensive performance analysis. Learn more by reading Instana’s AutoProfile Documentation.

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  • Continuous hot spot profiling of CPU usage and locks.
  • Health monitoring including CPU, memory, garbage collection and other runtime metrics.
  • Alerts on profile anomalies.
  • Team access.

    Learn more on the Analyzing Profiles documentation page (with screenshots).

See full documentation for reference.

Supported environment

Instana Java Profiling works on the following JVMs

  • Amazon Corretto
  • Azul Zulu
  • OpenJDK
  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Oracle HotSpot
  • Sun HotSpot

Supported Hotspot JVM Version: 1.8.152 and higher

Supported Operating System: 64-bit Linux

Getting started

Log into Your Instana Account (If you don’t have one, you can get a free two week trial).

Installing and configuring Java Autoprofile

Edit the agent configuration file

   enabled: true
Turning on CPU Profiles and Contention Profiles

Other configuration options include the


option. Setting this to true enables SPU profiling.
Additionally, contention profiling can be turned on by setting the


parameter to true.

That’s it – just a few parameters, and you’ve got continuous production profiling of your Java code.

Learn about Analyzing Profiles in the AutoProfile documentation.

Analyzing Profiles