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Managing and Monitoring AWS RDS

AWS RDS Monitoring is an important piece of Instana’s Cloud APM solution. AWS Relational Database Service (AWS RDS) is Amazon’s relational database product that comes packaged as a web service for private and enterprise customers and is available in several flavors of popular database including PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. AWS RDS allows cloud customers to easily implement relational databases into their system in a way that effortlessly scales to the environment size. If customers do not have the Amazon Management Console, they can use an API for installation.

After deployment into a client environment, Instana will automatically map out the entire infrastructure and identify how the different technologies are interacting with one another with its Dynamic Graph back-end model.

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AWS RDS Performance and Configuration Metrics

AWS collects RDS performance and configuration metrics, made available to users in the Amazon Management Console. Instana Amazon RDS monitoring goes beyond the simple metric API, delivering those performance and configuration metrics in the context of the entire application and environment in which the Amazon RDS instances are running.

AWS RDS Monitoring metrics for performance include :

  • CPU Usage
  • Disk
  • DB Connections

Please see Instana’s AWS-RDS Management documentation for more details.

AWS RDS Monitoring – Health

Besides monitoring Amazon RDS instances for performance within the overall application environment, users must also monitor the internal health state. The Instana agent sensor is also automatically configured to begin collecting the necessary KPIs for high-quality Amazon RDS functionality. Users can then fine-tune rules for Amazon RDS performance based on their individual needs. Instana will flag whenever Amazon RDS goes outside of those rules and flag it as a color-coded incident that is persisted to the UI and its timeline.

AWS RDS Monitoring KPI’s include:

  • Calls vs. Latency
  • Errors
  • Instance Count

Please see Instana’s AWS RDS Management documentation for more details.

AWS RDS Monitoring Sensor Installation: Getting Started

Ready to start? You’ll need an Instana Trial or Account first. Already got one? The best place to begin is Instana’s Getting Started Guide.

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