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Experience innovation for the hybrid environment

Consolidate all reading work into one universal worklist

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Read multiple specialties from all your referring partners with one single workstation, saving you time and effort while improving your reading experience.

Modernize your reading experience

Mobile devices

Enjoy a new reading experience that caters to radiologists as professionals as much as it does to them as connected modern individuals.

Understand the deeper clinical context with AI in your workspace

Distribution ledger

Build a broader understanding of the patient's case with AI insights mining the EHR and AIs of your choice analyzing images with results right into your workspace.


Identify what studies to read first

File backup

Understand the status of the case at a glance with reading queues that are dynamically built based on your personal as well as your organization's criteria.

Drive critical communications

Partner relationship

Be part of an active chain of care, seamlessly collaborating with key stakeholders, to drive critical communications and better outcomes.

Evolve at your pace with our innovative hybrid cloud design

Hybrid cloud

Trust our new hybrid cloud design to help you transform your imaging infrastructure at your own pace, connecting on-premises and cloud data and systems to clinicians.

Balance the reading workload automatically

Medical staff

Share work fairly and transparently based on multiple criteria such as specialty, credentials, licensure, location and native AI workload assessments.

Magnify the value of your EHR investment


Connects to multiple EHR systems, and make them smarter by automatically analyzing and summarizing relevant radiology data for clinicians.

Increase your level of protection against ransomware

Continuous Security

Increase your protection against ransomware by leveraging a cloud-native containerized solution designed with security in mind.

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