Access a patient's medical history when it matters most

IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive lets you store, manage and share all your enterprise-wide images, DICOM and non-DICOM, from disparate PACS, specialties, service lines and sites regardless of source or format. This award winning VNA makes it easy to extend your IHE strategy to include native XDS support.

With IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive, you can access a consolidated view of a patient’s health record with rich integration to the EHR, helping you to make more informed decisions for your patients. IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive delivers a gateway to cloud that enables cross-department/cross-institution interoperability with a truly vendor neutral enterprise imaging platform. Enjoy the freedom to use the Cloud vendors of your choice to suit the needs of your organization.

How it’s used

Enterprise Imaging

screenshot of IBM iConnect Access dashboard displaying a liver scan

Enterprise Imaging

Enable clinicians to access any image, anywhere, anytime with an enterprise imaging strategy centered on IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive (VNA), DICOM gateway, and IBM iConnect Access (universal viewer) that can operate on-premise or in the Hybrid Cloud infused with AI.

Cloud-native and agnostic

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Cloud-native and agnostic

IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive can deploy as hybrid cloud-native and enable cross-department/cross-institution interoperability with a truly vendor neutral enterprise imaging platform.  Enjoy the freedom to use the on-premise or Cloud vendors of your choice to suit the needs of your organization. Take advantage of the elasticity, scalability, business continuity, and security that can be achieved with a VNA on the Hybrid Cloud.

AI orchestration at scale

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AI orchestration at scale

Leveraging the power of orchestration and data manipulation capabilities of our VNA for AI orchestration at scale in a cloud-native platform integrated to your on-premise IBM iConnect Enterprise Archives and Merge PACS.

Research and Analytics

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Research and Analytics

IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive is able to de-identify DICOM tags automatically and create new DICOM objects for research and analytics built off an ElasticSearch DB for rapid results.

Integrated PACS workflow

a tablet displaying a brain scan

Integrated PACS workflow

Source of truth for the PACS workflow as the zero-footprint cloud-native workflow engine for the IBM Imaging Workflow Orchestrator with Watson 1.0.


What IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive can do for you

Orchestrate medical images throughout the enterprise with DIY admin tools to simplify data management.

Consolidate and manage access

Trusted User

Manage imaging studies and data from multiple facilities, departments and vendors.

Include non-DICOM content


Extend IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive to add non-DICOM content using native XDS registry capabilities.

Data Orchestration


Robust Web Administration with DIY tools to create routing, migrating, prefetching and compression rules with morphing capabilities for greater data liquidity.

Quickly adapt to changing business needs

cloud storage

Take advantage of elasticity, scalability, and portability of our hybrid cloud-native solution.  Use only what IT resources you need, when and where you need it.

Surpass standard back-up and recovery system


Utilize Replicated Content Management (RCM) for application level replication of data between two distinctly separate peers for high availability and disaster recovery with near zero downtime.


IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive details

Discover how IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive is the single source of truth.

Create an enterprise imaging strategy

Orchestrate DICOM and non-DICOM images from across the enterprise, as the longitudinal single source of truth. Simplify integration with EHRs, portals and HIEs.

Cloud Native and Agnostic

A containerized deployment of our VNA that supports Red Hat OpenShift enables a hybrid cloud strategy with your choice of on-premise and Cloud vendors.

IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure-Enabled

Deploy in VMware or Red Hat OpenShift and leverage the native blob or S3 cloud storage APIs.

Provide a custom user experience

Customizable dashboards for each user. Reduce the time for performing routine tasks like DICOM archive searches and object editing with adjustable widgets.

Adjust to changing business needs

Scale your existing installation as your enterprise needs change to include additional locations, departments, service lines and non-DICOM workflows.

Create customized reports

Obtain detailed information about ingested studies, deleted studies, routing tasks and storage usage with options to automatically send reports to your team.

Surpass standard back-up and recovery system

Replicated Content Management (RCM) provides a dual peer, geographically disperse server configuration for business continuity, resiliency, and near zero downtime.

Reduce storage costs and compliance risk while managing data

The DICOM Migration System module allows you to cleanse, normalize, migrate and manage your data, for comprehensive lifecycle management with policy-based deletion.

Control data integrity with efficient tools to detect common issues

Cut back on the amount of time you need to correct errors like storage failures and incorrect tags with tools designed to help you manage issues more efficiently.

Standards-based AI workflow

Triage AI results and status with the proposed HL7 OMI industry standard.

Enhanced security features

Incorporates SSO integration and encryption key rotation.

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