What is Humio Log Management for IBM Cloud®Paks?

The Humio Log Management for IBM Cloud® Paks solution helps you achieve real-time observability of all relevant structured and unstructured production data without disruption. Handle large multi-TB/day ingest loads with ease and instantly identify concerns and threats in any complex computing environment. Available on premises and in the cloud.

Use cases

Log everything at scale

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Log everything at scale

Humio’s unique architecture and advanced compression allows for improved performance and low storage costs so you can log everything at scale to speed issue analysis and resolution.

Reduce operational costs

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Reduce operational costs

Humio’s modern log management platform is easy to use and requires very little ongoing maintenance allowing your team to get back to what matters most.

Find threats faster

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Find threats faster

Live searches, real-time dashboards and alerts reduce detection times. Sub-second search across petabytes of data gives threat hunters the freedom to unleash their creativity and curiosity.



Log everything, answer anything in real time

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