What IBM Host Access Client Package can do for your business

IBM® Host Access Client Package (HACP) provides flexibility to access host applications through a local client or the web.

At one price per user, HACP delivers two functionally rich and secure products to meet host access needs. Package includes:
IBM Host On-Demand and IBM Personal Communications for Windows™ (PCOMM).

HACP, now a fully managed solution with a centralized configuration capability, users can run PCOMM from the server to save their configurations and log on from different locations and retain them. HACP also provides prompted updates and leaner downloads for new versions.


Get two apps in one package

Provides access to host applications and data using Personal Communications and provides security-rich browser access with IBM Host On-Demand.

Provides flexible host access

Supports the needs of traditional power users—and also provides web access to mobile employees, including remote users and users in intranet and extranet environments.

Use multiple host platforms

Provides access to applications and data residing on IBM Z® systems, IBM i and DEC UNIX virtual terminal hosts, and supports VT52, VT100, VT220, VT420, SNA and other related technologies.

Deliver high value at low cost

Simplified licensing of one price per user gives you a fast return on investment for market-leading host connectivity and emulation tools that enhance your existing investments.

Host Access Client Package features

  • Managed solution (HOD)
  • Leaner downloads and centralized configurations
  • Fully 64-bit PCOMM
  • Server supported Java (HOD)
  • Allows you to use the web or a local client to access host applications
  • Includes 12 months of no cost 24x7 support and access to new software features
  • Licensing options available for perpetual term
  • Software available for immediate download after online purchase