IBM Host Access Client Package
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IBM Host Access Client Package is a software for remote access and terminal emulation of z/OS® hosts. This packages includes IBM Personal Communications (PCOMM) and IBM Host On-Demand (HOD), as well as the IBM Host Access Client Package Extended Edition (HACP EE). 

IBM® Host Access Client Package provides flexible and uninterrupted host access, communications and terminal emulation from multiple devices across Windows™, UNIX® and IBM zSystems™ platform users working on-premises or remotely.


Benefits Access an all-in-one package

Access host applications and data, perform security-rich terminal emulation, and connect it all in a single browser.

Focus on modernization

Accelerate your modernization efforts by connecting users to both hosted and cloud platforms.

Get a zero-footprint solution

Enable host access and terminal emulation without downloads to end user’s systems.

Achieve high-value at a low cost

Achieve a fast ROI for market-leading host connectivity and emulation tools that enhance your existing investments.


IBM Personal Communications IBM Personal Communications is a host-communication and terminal-emulation package for Windows™. The package provides useful features such as:  VT options

Choose from 3270 and 5250 Virtual Terminal (VT) emulation.

FTP client

Transfer files using File Transfer Protocol integration.

SNA support

Get Systems Network Architecture (SNA) application support.


Use Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol connectivity (TCP/IP).


Access Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) support and Microsoft Office integration.

Automation enhancements

Take advantage of Macro PasteText API and EHLLAPI 64-bit library support.

IBM Host On-Demand IBM Host On-Demand is a web-to-host terminal emulation and host access application programming support for Java®. It offers powerful features such as:  Powerful and light

Simplify deployment by replacing the browser on the local machine and removing the need to download Java Runtime Environment.

FTP client

Convert with code page conversion and other performance improvements.


Connect to TN3270E, TN5250, VT52, VT100, VT220, VT420, IBM CICS®, and FTP systems.


Create custom on-demand applications with the Java toolset.


Create custom files with different configurations with the easy-to-use deployment wizard.

Extended Edition The Extended Edition allows users to connect to IBM zSystems™ and IBM i hosts through HOD on a mobile browser. It provides end users with features such as:  Zero footprint

Move to a zero-footprint solution so that nothing gets downloaded to end users' systems.


See and represent data graphically with Host Access Client Package Extended Edition because it is more than just an emulator. 

Fast and easy

Choose from the quick options to transform entire or parts of the terminal to web.

Multiple configurations

Fetch 3270/5250 display session configurations from HTML-based, combined-based, and configuration server-based model pages.

Simple UI

Visualize the host data with easy-to-use widgets. The Extended Edition has an intuitive and user-centric design


Become platform independent with no dependency on Java or any other browser plugins.

Accelerate modernization Faster results

Enhance productivity with Microsoft Office integration, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) support, and more.

Secure connections

Improve security for host connections across applications with TLS 1.3 support, LDAP connections, and Express Logon.


Leverage enhanced APIs and library support for automation.

Use multiple platforms

Access IBM zSystems, IBM i and DEC UNIX virtual terminal hosts. Supports TN3270E, TN5250, VT52 and other related technologies.

Seamless operations

Switch seamlessly between Host Access Client Package products. Changes are preserved across all products.

Flexible access

Support users working on-premises or remotely through access on desktop, web and mobile devices.

Related products IBM Host Access Transformation Services

Reuse and transform your existing terminal applications.

IBM Rational® Host Integration Solution

Get a complete solution for host application access, transformation and modernization.

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