Host application access and modernization for your business

IBM® Rational® Host Integration Solution offers a complete host access and modernization solution for multiple environments. You can access green-screen applications independent of platform, network, connectivity or host system. Rational Host Integration Solution includes three core components for creating and deploying advanced business applications that integrate and transform your host systems: IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services, IBM Rational Host On-Demand and IBM Personal Communications. IBM Communications Servers, included with this solution, support the core components.


IBM Host Access Transformation Services

Extend the reach of your terminal applications to the web with a modern user interface or as industry-standard web services.

IBM Host On-Demand

Get security-rich, web-to-host access and web-based app programming support with one interface to your TN3270E, TN5250, VT52, VT100, VT220 and VT420 systems; IBM CICS® applications; and FTP servers.

IBM Personal Communications

Employ traditional host communication and terminal emulation for access to host applications and data.

IBM Communications Servers

Gain reliable, security-rich connections to your host applications and data.

IBM Rational Host Integration Solution features

  • Develop next generation applications
  • Create on-demand applications
  • Get advanced communications support
  • Connect over diverse networks