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Buying and trying

What buying options are available?

On many product pages, there is a Purchase tab and a link to “call for pricing.” Click this link to get help. If one of our offerings does not have self-service web purchasing available, our digital sellers can help you. Reach out today for quotes or more information about how to get the offering or service you want.

Here are some other helpful buying links:

IBM Products (We know you've got this one bookmarked!)

IBM Digital Sellers: Email or call a sales representative to get fast answers to your software or SaaS questions.

z Systems software: Click here to plan, order, and download z Systems software for z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, and KVM. Register or sign in with your IBMid.

Passport Advantage: Buy new software licenses or process software and support renewals with your IBMid and password.

What payment options are available?

For those offerings you can buy online, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

If you are a returning customer, you can pay with a credit card like before, or with a purchase order (PO) or invoice. If you want to pay with a PO or invoice, and if your IBMid is not yet linked to your IBM customer number (ICN), you can enter your ICN during checkout, then choose PO or invoice as your payment type. (If your ICN and IBMid are already linked, you should see the option to pay by PO or invoice when you begin checkout, without entering your ICN.)

Is financing available?

IBM Global Financing can customize financing plans for your organization or business. We also frequently list featured promotions and offerings at special limited-time rates.

Who can answer my questions before I make a purchase?

Talk, email, or chat with our experts if you need help choosing or buying. Click Let's talk on the right side of any of our web pages to get help.

What is the return and cancellation policy?

IBM is committed to your satisfaction. Many products offer a perpetual free edition or a free trial period so that you can make sure that the offering meets your needs. You can cancel subscription-based offerings at any time, subject to the service-specific terms and conditions. You can also choose not to renew a subscription when it ends. For help, find your contact at IBM eCustomer care. If you think that IBM has billed you in error, open a support ticket as soon as possible with details about the disputed charge.

Can I check out as a guest?

No. Most of the of purchase-ready offerings are subscription-based and therefore require an IBMid for checkout, and to manage your subscription. You can use your IBMid to access a My IBM portal where you can receive important notifications about your products and services. An IBMid also gives you access to all IBM applications, communities, and support.

What if I want a custom quote that suits my particular purchasing needs?

You can call, chat with, or email an IBM customer support representative anytime by clicking Let's talk on the right side the page. They can work with you to put together a quote just for you, then email that custom quote to you in only a few minutes. The email will include a link directly to checkout, where your quote will already be applied.

If I sign up for a subscription, will I be automatically billed on a periodic basis? Does periodic billing work for all payment methods?

Yes, you will be automatically billed on a periodic basis, according to the terms of your subscription. And yes! If you make your purchase with a credit card, your credit card will be billed automatically on a regular basis--again, according to the terms of your purchase--if you pay by invoice, you'll get another invoice automatically, and so on.

Can I purchase in my local currency?

To find out what currency is available in a given country marketplace, look on the Overview tab for any offering that's enabled for purchase in that locale, or on its Purchase tab.


Getting help

Where can I get support for my IBM trial, purchase, or subscription?

You can always visit the IBM Forum and post a question, including queries about offering provisioning and sign-up, just to name a few. You can also log in to My Products and Services and choose a support option.

Where can I get help with a contract, invoice, order, or inventory?

Go to IBM Customer Care for help with any of these topics.

Where can I get help with my IBMid?

The IBM Registration Help Desk can help you with IBMid issues.

Managing my offerings and subscriptions

I bought an offering from IBM. How do I find and manage it?

After you register for a trial or make a purchase, it’s easy to find and manage your products! Just go to My Products and Services in My IBM. Here’s how:


  • From any page, point to the My IBM profile icon. Select My IBM, then sign in or register for an IBMid. The My IBM Welcome page opens. From the menu in the upper right, click Products and services. You should see your IBM offerings here.

From My Products and Services, you can launch your trial or product, add or remove users, upgrade or cancel your subscription, or get technical support. Whether your offering is from IBM or a third party, whether it’s software as a service, an infrastructure or platform service, a software download, or hardware, you can see and manage your personalized list of trials and purchases from My Products and Services.

How can I buy more licenses/seats for a service?

Go to My Products and Services to buy additional capacity: user seats, memory, and so on. Just find the offering you want to update, select Manage, and from the Overview section, choose an upgrade option.

Why don't I see all of the IBM products and services I bought?

My IBM and My Products and Services currently display only a subset of your trials and purchases. In the coming weeks, it will expand to include all of your offerings and any purchases that an IBM sales representative helped you with. Stay tuned!

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel a subscription only at the end of the term you committed to. Go to My Products and Services, find the offering subscription you want to cancel, select Manage, and from the Overview section, click Cancel plan.

I’m having a problem with an offering. How do I get technical support?

My Products and Services includes technical support information for each of your offerings. Go to My Products and Services, find the offering you need support for, select Manage, then from the left menu, choose Product Support. You can get technical or sales support there.

Selling your products

How do I sell my offering?

If you are an IBM or third-party offering owner or team member and you want to sell your offering, go to the IBM Provider Workbench to find out how to start onboarding a listing.

What can I sell?

You can sell software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, hardware, data sets, APIs, and even services. 

Where can I find out more about selling my offering?

Being a provider means that you can create and manage listings for your offerings. Join IBM's PartnerWorld for access to a full merchandising and sales support program.

I'm already an offering provider. How do I manage my listing?

Log in to the IBM Provider Workbench to manage your listing.

Privacy and security

How does IBM manage my personal information?

IBM takes your privacy seriously. See the IBM Online Privacy Statement to better understand the comprehensive steps IBM takes to maintain your trust.

What kind of security and privacy assurances can IBM make to me if I choose a cloud offering?

The IBM Cloud is secure by design, features around-the-clock monitoring, and is aligned with key standards. If you choose an IBM Cloud offering, we will help you to scale and adapt quickly without compromising security, privacy, or risk.

What about GDPR readiness?

IBM Commits to GDPR Readiness

IBM currently complies with privacy laws around the world. IBM is also preparing to comply with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will go into effect in May 2018. IBM has established a global project to prepare for GDPR, both for our internal processes and for our commercial offerings. IBM recognizes that our customers will rely on IBM’s offerings and technical assistance to achieve GDPR compliance within their own organizations and IBM is well-positioned to meet this critical need.

As part of its GDPR project, IBM is enhancing its ongoing commitment to privacy by design. IBM is working to embed data protection principles even more deeply into its business processes, with the objective that technical and organizational security measures limit, by default, the amount and use of personal data to what is specifically required. This work will also strengthen controls already in place to limit access to personal data, including with respect to mobile applications that rely on sensible default settings to prevent personal data from being inadvertently shared with others.

IBM is committed to providing our clients and partners with innovative data privacy, security and governance solutions to assist them on their journey to GDPR compliance.

Learn more about IBM's own GDPR readiness journey and our GDPR capabilities and offerings to support your compliance journey here.