IBM Financial Transaction Manager

Process, monitor, track and report financial payments and transactions on a hybrid multicloud platform that can run containerized workloads

Mosaic collection of currencies from around the world. In the full frame image one can find among others Indian rupee, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, US dollar, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, Brazilian real, European euro and Mexican peso. The paper money is mixed and the image is full frame.

What is IBM® Financial Transaction Manager?

IBM Financial Transaction Manager software integrates, orchestrates and monitors financial transactions. It delivers consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling financial institutions to converge their payment operations onto a single platform. Deployment, available in public cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud, is powered by Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Benefits Deploy with flexibility Move container workloads across on-premises, hybrid and public cloud infrastructures. You also have the freedom to choose from supported cloud service providers. Manage operational risk Monitor payment processing and allow for risk management across multiple channels. Address AML and Dodd-Frank and use industry standards to aid in compliance. Reduce time-to-market Combine prebuilt functionality with a build-your-own approach. Create differentiated products and achieve a strategic vision through projects that deliver value at each stage. Converge payment processing Standardize operations while reusing existing capabilities with a single, extensible platform. It provides common integration capabilities, an operational database and more. Mobilize alternative payment networks Let payments traverse alternative payment networks (blockchain, faster payments, regional networks), in addition to SWIFT, without changing the back office.
Features Prebuilt capabilities Use complementary products for immediate payments, SWIFT, ACH, SEPA, check processing, customer onboarding, transaction ingestion and more. Optional check services renovate, replace and renew existing check processing. Customizable instance Support multiple business units in a single instance where each can configure the solution to its own needs, reducing costs and easing compliance efforts. Get APIs for integration into anti-fraud and sanction detection. Function-rich interface Take advantage of a SWIFT messaging interface that holds all SWIFT Interface certifications and offers support for all SWIFT MT and MX messages. Payments traverse alternative payment networks without back-office changes. Red Hat OpenShift support Make use of Red Hat OpenShift deployment flexibility and the freedom to choose from supported cloud service providers. Certified containers are validated on the Red Hat OpenShift platform and built using Kubernetes standards. Single, extensible platform Converge payment processing and standardize operations while reusing existing capabilities. Common integration capabilities help manage transactions. An operational database integrates with enterprise data management solutions.

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