IBM Envizi: Sustainability Program Tracking
Track and manage ESG and sustainability initiatives to ensure program outcomes are achieved on time and within budget
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Single platform to capture and report ESG and sustainability data

Managing ESG and sustainability initiatives within large organizations or across extensive and complex supply chains can be challenging given the diversity of sustainability programs across different locations that need to be monitored for progress and impact.

IBM® Envizi™: Sustainability Program Tracking, a robust sustainability management software, simplifies data collection by capturing and tracking ESG and sustainability program data such as forecasts, timelines, cash flow, objectives and deliverables in a central system.

As a result, you gain complete oversight of your organization’s ESG and sustainability initiatives—from waste and water programs to CSR and community investments—with all your data captured in one place.

Additionally, by using PowerReports (embedded Microsoft Power BI) for sustainability reporting, you can easily compare projects across your portfolio and supply chain to ensure you are always prioritizing the most impactful ESG projects.

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Module features
Scenario modeling tool Assess and report on the potential impact of projects based on different scenarios using the Scenario Modeler Tool, eliminating the need to drive sustainability initiatives without insights into possible impact.

Broad portfolio coverage Monitor diverse ESG projects, extending beyond emissions-reduction or energy efficiency programs to monitor other sustainability projects such as waste diversion, water reduction and recycling projects.

Robust visualizations View and monitor sustainability initiatives to track progress and contribution towards your ESG goals. Rank and prioritize sustainability initiatives based on impact and savings.

Project management Leverage end-to-end project management features designed for your ESG and sustainability initiatives, from idea conception to project completion, so you have one record to refer to.
More features Financial impact calculations

Generate project financial metrics such as internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV).

Site-based progress tracking

Monitor which location or group of sites are performing well when compared to their sustainability initiatives milestones and which may require intervention.

Intuitive dashboards

Visualize and track your sustainability initiatives using PowerReport (embedded Microsoft Power BI) and apply filters to generate the report you need—all within the Envizi platform.

Benefits Single system of record

Capture data across all sustainability initiatives in a central system to track the progress and impact of your ESG and sustainability programs.

Increased accountability

Track progress and assess realized savings and business case assumptions to ensure all stakeholders are held to account.

Prioritized initiatives

Compare ESG and sustainability projects across your organization to assess and prioritize the most impactful projects that support your ESG and sustainability goals.

Simplified status updates

Leverage easily generated visual reports from this sustainability reporting software to share status updates with management or external stakeholders.

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