Ten really good reasons why you should use DataProbe

External data can be loaded by analysts themselves

IBM® DataProbe® lets you load external benchmarks and reference tables – or data files needed for an analysis – and link it with other data.

Digging deeper is now simplified

Users can create data subsets using conditional logic to retrieve just the rows that meet specific criteria from a larger set of data. Study groups can allow users to create subsets based on matching common key values across multiple tables. They give users a streamlined way to look at the healthcare experience of a particular group of patients over time and to create ad hoc cohort studies using flexible criteria.

Scripts that can boost productivity

DataProbe scripts are text files of component steps to run. They can be shared with colleagues using a shared script library or with other organizations. Parameters are used to perform variable text substitution, allowing users to reuse the same script with different data without the need for extensive editing. Scripts can be run interactively or in the background – either for immediate background execution or at a scheduled time. An audit trail log of the analysis is automatically saved.

Built-in functions come standard

DataProbe incorporates a variety of arithmetic, cross-record, date, string manipulation and trigonometric functions. These data transformation functions allow users to clean and standardize data, as well as create complex measures. Functions can be used when defining data subsets and when creating new fields and measures on-the-fly – such as assigning the day of the week or adding and subtracting dates.

Everyday data investigation and profiling

Users can profile the contents of individual fields using a variety of descriptive statistics, such as mean and median, counts of missing values, minimum and maximum values, percentiles and frequency distributions.

Unlimited, rapid summarizing and ranking

DataProbe allows you to summarize information from one or more tables and views – and on a field or combination of fields. Options include ranking and summary statistics, such as unique counts.

Data export for any need

Users can export data in either fixed or delimited format to visualize results of an analysis in management dashboards, geo-mapping, social network analysis and other tools. Similarly, a user might want to standardize, aggregate and subset data for statistical analysis using SAS® software. DataProbe can automatically create a SAS data input statement file to help simplify loading the exported data into SAS.

User-driven database management

Users can perform a range of database management tasks, including: 1) Create, rename and delete databases, tables, views and columns (fields), 2) Merge, copy, sort and deduplicate data, 3) Publish private data to be viewed and accessed by other users, 4) Backup/archive and restore previously archived data in the DataProbe format.

Security rich web-based software

DataProbe is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), web-based software solution. It’s available either as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering via HTTPS or as software installed on standard hardware at a customer’s data center. No software is downloaded to, or installed on, a user’s desktop.

Confidence in Protected Health Information (PHI) protection

Multiple levels of security are used to help safeguard the privacy of PHI, including access controls and the optional use of industry-standard AES-256 encryption at the field level.