DataStage observability integration
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To achieve continuous IBM® DataStage® observability and monitoring, IBM® Databand® features seamless DataStage integration.

As an industry-leading data integration tool, DataStage helps data teams design, develop and run jobs that move and transform data. When data issues arise, the last thing these busy teams need is to have to jump back and forth between systems to resolve them.

DataStage integration with IBM Databand solves this by providing continuous observability during the execution of your DataStage jobs. Powerful alerting capabilities help you know whenever a job breaks and how to quickly fix it so you can confidently ensure the delivery of quality data.


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Use cases Get proactive alerts on all DataStage incidents

With Databand observability integration, receive real-time alerts on data incidents in your DataStage flows.

Get visibility over your DataStage deployments

Databand lets you see historical trends of different DataStage processes to detect anomalies and incidents.

Benefit from 360-degree impact analysis

Databand’s runtime incident lineage allows you to view how DataStage incidents impact downstream data.

How it works

Tracking the execution of your DataStage jobs with Databand is achieved using a syncer that you create directly within Databand’s user interface. Once created, the syncer scans your DataStage project every few seconds and reports on collected metadata from any jobs that have been run. With the metadata collected, you can enable powerful alerting to notify your data team on the health of your jobs and the quality of your inputs and outputs.  


Databand’s comprehensive set of capabilities helps simplify and centralize your DataStage observability.

Proactive incident management

With Databand’s powerful alerting capabilities, your teams are notified of critical issues as soon as they happen. Generate alerts for incidents like run and task state alerts (e.g., running, successful, failed), detect anomaly run durations and schema changes (e.g., new columns added) and record counts for inputs and outputs (e.g., record count within 20% of 100,000 rows).

Real-time integration

Databand delivers turnkey integration for your DataStage CP4D cloud or on-premises deployments. It’s as easy as creating your DataStage syncer and establishing one-to-one relationships with your DataStage projects. Authentication happens either with an API key or your on-premises DataStage installation credentials.

Centralized logging

With all DataStage logs viewable from a centralized console, save debugging time by quickly reviewing the state and duration of each DataStage job. This includes DataStage operations and datasets so you can pinpoint the root causes of DataStage failures and resolve them fast.

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Implement proactive data observability with IBM Databand today so you can know when there’s a data health issue before your users do.

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