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To detect bad data quality issues, IBM® Databand® provides real-time data quality monitoring you can trust.

As problems with data often lie below the surface, data engineering squads understand they must do more than simply execute data pipeline runs from one point to the next. That said, because data deliveries contain thousands of rows and values, it’s common for delays, poor quality and volatility within the data itself to go overlooked.

Data quality monitoring with IBM Databand connects to your data pipelines and datasets to alert on problems like schema changes, duplicates, null values and data freshness. It also gives you the ability to visualize datasets over time, so you can analyze trends and find patterns in data quality that require immediate attention.

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Try an interactive product tour of Databand to see how easy it is to create and debug data incident alerts and get started with dashboards and reports.

Benefits Safeguard data health

Databand notifies you when column-level changes, value irregularities or other profiling anomalies occur so you can ensure better quality data.

Guarantee data SLAs

By setting rules for data freshness, you always know when a dataset hasn’t been updated within a service level agreement (SLA) timeframe.

Avoid downstream impacts

Databand helps identify dependent tasks and datasets when a data quality error occurs so you have full transparency and can prioritize remediation.

What’s included
Centralized monitoring Databand consolidates your data quality alerts into a single view, so you have the full picture of your data’s health. Drill into alert details for the context to resolve issues quickly.

Dataset trends reports Get trend-level graphs on rows and operations written and read each day. Sort your most important pipelines and datasets to uncover problematic patterns, while Databand finds and highlights when counts change unexpectedly.

Impact analysis When a data quality issue occurs, Databand’s end-to-end lineage clearly shows dependent datasets and pipelines that are affected, giving you the full picture when you need it most.

Databand integrates with the data pipeline and integration tools you already use and love, like Apache Airflow and IBM® DataStage®, for continuous data observability across your data fabric and modern data stack.

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