Data pipeline monitoring
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Illustration highlighting elements of IBM Databand’s data pipeline monitoring feature

To catch data process and pipeline errors sooner, IBM® Databand® provides unified, centralized data pipeline monitoring.

For most organizations, observability is siloed. Different teams collect metadata on the pipelines they own, which may not connect to critical downstream or upstream events. More importantly, that metadata isn’t visualized or reported on a dashboard that can be viewed across teams.

Data pipeline monitoring with IBM Databand connects to your data processes and pipelines to automatically detect incidents like missing operations, failed jobs and anomalous run durations. It’s designed to help organizations manage an expanding landscape of pipelines while avoiding unwelcome surprises. Unify error logging to discover why a pipeline error occurred, automatically track when missed or failed operations occur and view historical trends of impacted datasets.

Benefits Standardize DataOps

Monitor pipelines for early warning signals of failures or missed SLAs.

Improve pipeline health

Get visibility across DAGs, data flows and levels of infrastructure for better pipeline reliability.

Fix pipelines fast

Know exactly how to fix your pipelines with automatic notification management, logging and lineage.

What’s included
Central pipeline monitoring Whether your pipelines run once or 100 times a day, centralized data pipeline monitoring makes it easy to see every pipeline and run in one view. Organize your runs by various dimensions and instantly know if one has a critical alert attached.

Pipeline performance history Inconsistent pipelines are hard to fix when you can’t see the bigger picture. Track and analyze the full history of your pipelines’ failures and dependencies so you have the full context to achieve pipeline consistency.

Root cause analysis When a pipeline breaks, you need to immediately know why and how to fix it. By tracking metadata and logs from task executors in one place, you can access error information and compare trends on data and code changes to quickly identify the underlying problem.

Databand integrates with the data pipeline and integration tools you already use and love, like Apache Airflow and IBM® DataStage®, for continuous data observability across your data fabric and modern data stack.

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