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Illustration highlighting elements of IBM Databand’s data lineage and impact analysis feature

To quickly pinpoint impacted upstream and downstream data processes, IBM® Databand® features end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis.

When a data issue happens, it’s rarely an isolated incident. The adverse effects cascade to dependent pipelines, datasets and interconnected operations. Pretty graphs without actions don’t help. And manually tracing data lineage can be an overly time-consuming and complex process.

IBM Databand’s end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis gives you the full story of your data as it moves. By showing you the connected parts of your data stack, you can quickly understand the impact of data incidents on upstream and downstream data flows.

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Try an interactive product tour of Databand to see how easy it is to create and debug data incident alerts and get started with dashboards and reports.

Benefits Reduced debugging time

By automatically knowing what processes were impacted by the incident, Databand frees up engineers’ time so they can focus on higher priority tasks.

Improved incident prioritization

Armed with the knowledge of which problems are causing the most corruption downstream, Databand enables better prioritization of data incidents.

Increased confidence in data

By providing clear information around the data’s origin and how it has moved and changed along the way, Databand instills confidence in how and where it’s used.

What's included
Data lineage flow diagrams Flow diagrams highlight relationships between the data pipeline experiencing an issue and its dependencies to help you understand the effect on operations and the severity of the issue.

Visual impact analysis Databand’s impact analysis features an easy-to-follow visualization of the affected pipeline with impacted downstream assets highlighted in red.

Root cause analysis Clicking into an affected task allows you to see its dependencies and impact, giving you even more clarity in identifying and resolving the root cause of an issue.

Databand integrates with the data pipeline and integration tools you already use and love, like Apache Airflow and IBM® DataStage®, for continuous data observability across your data fabric and modern data stack.

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