IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

A true plug-and-play enterprise data and AI solution, built to deliver superb performance

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A data and AI platform-in-a-box

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System is a complete hybrid cloud on-premises data-fabric-solution-in-a-box. Its preconfigured, high-performance environment is designed to drive insights and innovation.

Built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, the system combines storage, compute, networking and software into plug-and-play nodes to easily scale for business needs. A single intuitive dashboard helps simplify management and monitoring with right-sized installs to meet requirements cost effectively.

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Benefits Simplify deployment

Launch a powerful data and AI platform behind your firewall — right out of the box.

Scale to fit your needs

Pay as you grow with plug-and-play hardware nodes and extensive services options.

Unify asset management

Simplify software and system management with a unified and intuitive dashboard.

Overcome data silos

Seamlessly connect and integrate data across all clouds.

Drive data, AI workloads

Choose high-performance hardware that supports data and AI use cases and workloads.

Get use cases in a box

Set up a native Red Hat OpenShift-based cloud-in-a-box inside your data center.

Data science advantages Accelerate onboarding

Unite data and AI services with a single system software interface. IBM Watson® Studio, IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog and other services are included.

Adapt to data science workloads

Reuse data and models for decision optimization and explainable AI when you face new infrastructure and workload changes and as you evolve AI use cases.

Speed model deployment

Bring models to production more rapidly. Increase performance with system-tuned machine learning and deep-learning libraries.

Reduce manual effort and technical debt

Automate AI lifecycle with system and software integration. Help reduce costs and risks associated with legacy analytic tools.

Optimize AI and cloud consumption

Deploy plug-and-play nodes with pay-as-you-grow capacity. Help simplify, secure and govern AI deployment with trust and transparency across clouds.

Gain containerized management efficiency

Modernize data science workloads natively in Red Hat OpenShift to help reduce infrastructure management costs.


Data fabric IBM Cloud Pak for Data System helps you quickly access data and mitigate quality issues, helping to deliver a unified, trusted and comprehensive view of customer and business data across a data fabric. Explore data fabric

Data modernization Speed insights using IBM Cognos® Analytics dashboards alongside database and data virtualization capabilities. Explore self-service data capabilities across enterprise data sources in real time.

Automated AI lifecycle Merge your data and AI services with IBM Watson® Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. Prep data, build and deploy models and manage them at scale. Enhance governance with bias and drift detection.

Features Operationalized enterprise data pipeline

Automate metadata generation to curate, verify and classify data — and quickly connect the right people to the right data using IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog.

End-to-end catalog

Organize, define and manage data to provide context that drives value across organizational imperatives like regulatory compliance and data monetization.

Trusted data delivery at scale

Use IBM® DataStage® to cleanse and deliver trusted data anywhere, at any scale and complexity, on and across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Self-service insights

Consume and transform data to keep pace with your business. Intuitive dashboards and flows can be easily shared with peers or sent to analytics tools.

Automated governance for compliance

Enhance compliance efforts, improve audit readiness and maintain client trust using active policy management and dynamic masking of sensitive data.

Reduced impact and improved efficiency

Run multiple environments at the same time with multitenancy capabilities, taking advantage of available performance and operating resources.

Support for all your data and AI needs

Do you have a cohesive data strategy and architecture to support all your data and AI needs? Read the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System solution brief to learn how you can quickly scale and deploy a complete private cloud for your enterprise data and AI architecture.

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Learn more about how IBM Cloud Pak for Data System helps you to get the most out of your hardware, with simplified licensing and upgrade capabilities for OS 4.6 with IBM Storage Suite.

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