How it’s used

AI visibility

Dashboard displaying information from a data analysis of a mortgage application

Drive AI visibility for stakeholders

Dynamic and customizable dashboards provide real-time model status and facilitate stakeholder collaboration.

Enterprise AI monitoring

Dashboard displaying the mortgage approval catalog

Monitor AI activities enterprise-wide

Trace and document the origin of models, the techniques used to train them, and any associated metadata needed for audits.

Manage risk and regulation

Dashboard displaying a conceptual map about Loan Automation use case

Simplify risk and regulation management

Use a unified and automated GRC platform that runs on any cloud and is designed to identify, manage, monitor, and report on risk and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of AI governance

Operationalize AI governance

Trace and document the origin of data, models, associated metadata and pipelines at scale.

Manage risk with responsible AI

Monitor models for fairness, bias and drift that automatically identify the need for correction.

Protect against regulations at scale

Use protections and validation to ensure models in production are fair, transparent and explainable.

Satisfy ever-increasing stakeholders

Use automated and collaborative tools to shorten processes and increase AI lifecycle visibility.

Optimize AI strategy and planning

Increase efficiency and create balance across people, processes and AI technologies.

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Capabilities of AI governance

Lifecycle governance

Catalog and monitor AI models with metadata capture, success identification, and the ability to determine remediation needs.

Risk management

Automate, identify, monitor and report on facts and workflows at scale, mitigating bias and drift.

Regulatory compliance

Translate external AI regulations into policies for automated enforcement. Use customizable dashboards to improve stakeholder collaboration.

Understand three key steps to driving responsible, transparent and explainable AI

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Automate AI governance.


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Deployment options

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