Optimize 3270 data streams with CICS OTTO

IBM® CICS® Online Transmission Time Optimizer for z/OS® (CICS OTTO) improves user productivity and increases network utilization through 3270 data stream optimization. It reduces the number of characters transmitted to supported devices by making optimum use of all available orders for each device type. It keeps the screen layout of conversational terminals in memory so that only changed data is transmitted. CICS OTTO can also reduce the contention between the devices on a communications line and between devices connected to local controllers to improve response times.


Remove repetitive data

Identify and remove repetitive data and dynamically compress 3270 data streams, and improve 3270 network resource utilization.

Monitor optimization

See how effective CICS OTTO optimization is in your environment by continually monitoring its operations and receiving progress reports on demand.

Improve transparency and visibility

Operate CICS OTTO transparently to applications and users. Operational statistics display or are written to console, and controls and settings can be entered on a temporary or permanent basis.

CICS Online Transmission Time Optimizer for z/OS features

  • Optimization techniques
  • Exclusion list for terminals and modules
  • Selection list for terminals and modules
  • Customized control with user exits
  • Data stream error display
  • Trace data viewing
  • Transaction ID option
  • HELP function