Business automation Sterling Sterling B2B Integration SaaS Standard edition
Gain flexibility to support any number of customers or trading partner requirements
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The IBM Sterling® B2B Integration SaaS Standard edition supports complex requirements across industries, government mandates and geographies.

Enhanced capabilities for diverse needs

  • The Standard edition offers flexibility to meet specific customer and trading partner requirements.
  • It automates the secure transformation of B2B documents into any required data format or protocol.
  • It facilitates B2B integration with any number of customers, suppliers, distributors or other trading partners.
  • The system easily scales, whether you are dealing with 50 customers or thousands.
Benefits Connectivity

The system supports a wide range of EDI standards and protocols, providing data translation and validation. It enables easy connection to any number of customers or other trading partners.


The platform offers end-to-end data insight at the document, transaction, and business levels.

Partner management

The platform enables rapid onboarding and efficient management of customers and partners.


Its SaaS capabilities are designed to support self-managed, custom deployments.


This is a secure, scalable, and reliable solution, capable of handling a diverse range of demanding workloads.

Features The Standard edition includes all the features of the Essentials edition and more. Compare edition features and pricing Artificial intelligence

Utilize AI-enhanced anomaly detection and conduct natural language searches.

Real-time capabilities

Access real-time web services, process data and enrich it as needed.

Ease of use

Adjust common configuration capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Deployment expertise

Leverage 24x7 support with Essentials and access to the IBM mapping team for handling requests for map changes and enhancements, resolving communication issues and establishing trading associate configurations.

Unplanned EDI downtime can make or break a year. I report on the availability of IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Business Network every month to our executive team, and it’s never been less than 100%. Connie Rekau EDI Manager The Master Lock Company Read the case study
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