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Send and receive EDI transactions with your customers and partners using a reliable, secure and proven SaaS platform
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The IBM Sterling® B2B Integration SaaS Essentials edition helps you to get started with electronic data interchange (EDI) and business-to-business (B2B) integration. It’s also helpful for organizations that lack the in-house skills to quickly onboard new customers or translate and route B2B data. Larger organizations may also find this edition useful as a tactical solution to quickly onboard a new customer or supplier.

Efficient EDI connection setup

  • This platform supports a wide range of modern B2B protocols, including formats like EDI, X12, XML, JSON and direct connections through traditional protocols.

  • Our robust mapping and translation capabilities enable seamless integration with customers or trading partners, regardless of the structured B2B format they use.

  • You can establish EDI connections with customers, suppliers, distributors and other trading partners by leveraging access to over 3.1 million businesses connected through the IBM Sterling® B2B Integration Value-Added Network (VAN).

Scalable and cost-effective growth

Begin with a single connection and scale up as needed. The cloud-based services of the B2B Integration SaaS platform allow your organization to expand its connections in tandem with growth, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Rapidly establish EDI connections with your customers and partners.
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faster to onboard new customers and partners.1


fewer planned outages.1


higher customer satisfaction.1

Benefits Connectivity

This system supports a wide range of EDI standards and protocols, offers data translation and validation and allows you to start with as few as one connection.


It provides end-to-end document tracking and offers insights into transactions.

Partner management

The platform enables rapid onboarding and efficient management of customers and partners.


With its SaaS capabilities, you can start small and scale up to accommodate any number of partners, maps or data volumes.


It is a secure, scalable and reliable solution, suitable for a diverse range of demanding workloads.

Features Get started with EDI and B2B integration by applying the basic features available with the Essentials edition. Compare edition features and pricing Large growing network

Connect securely and reliably to over 3.1 million businesses using IBM Sterling B2B Integration VAN, accelerating your network expansion.

Track and trace visibility

Gain analytic insights with dashboards that provide trend visibility and tracking capabilities.

Data-driven actions

Enhance decision-making with accessible, real-time data and act directly from the dashboard based on predictions and recommendations.

Any-to-any data

Transform and map data in the cloud, supporting translation from any structured data format to any other, with comprehensive functionality.

Flexible connection volume

Start with as few as one connection, one map and 4,000 documents per year, with the option to incrementally add connections, maps and k-documents to minimize costs.

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Try it for free See it in action (2:14)
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1 IDC Business Value Snapshot( link resides outside of IBM Sterling Data Exchange Study; Simon Ellis, Mathew Marden Publisher, September 2023