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IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS features

Optimizes COBOL modules to improve performance

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Optimizes your already-compiled COBOL program modules to improve application performance and reduce CPU usage without requiring source recompilation. ABO performs advanced optimizations to target the latest IBM Z® systems up to IBM® z16™.

Ensures COBOL application behavior remains unchanged

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Optimizes directly from the compiled binary code in the COBOL modules and ensures that the program logic remains exactly the same. No option tuning is required and there are no interoperability concerns after optimization. Full regression testing of the ABO-optimized modules is not required.

A wide range of compiler versions are eligible for optimization

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ABO optimizes compiled COBOL programs generated by the following IBM COBOL compiler versions:
• Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® 6
• Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 5
• COBOL for OS/390® & VM 2
• COBOL for MVS™ & VM 1.2
• COBOL/370 1.1
• VS COBOL II 1.4.0 and 1.3.x (LE enabled modules only)

ABO Assistant simplifies an ABO evaluation and accelerates deployment

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The ABO Assistant is a suite of tools, included with ABO, to help automate the identification and optimization of your top CPU-consuming COBOL batch and CICS® applications. The ABO Assistant enables you to drill down from high-level SMF data all the way to obtain concrete performance evaluation results, and to help prepare your key optimized modules for deployment.

Analyzes your SMF data to find your top CPU-consuming applications

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The SMF Analyzer, included with ABO, provides streamlined SMF analysis directly on z/OS to find, filter, sort, and report on your top CPU-consuming applications.

Profiles COBOL applications to determine performance bottlenecks

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The IBM Run Time Instrumentation (RTI) Profiler, included with ABO, collects and reports on the execution time CPU performance characteristics of your batch z/OS applications.

Provides insight into your COBOL application inventory

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Use the ABO SCAN=Y option to gain insight on the details of the original compilation including the compiler version, compilation date, and more. Scanning works on modules that reside in both PDS and PDSE data sets.

ABO is enabled for key IBM tooling

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IBM Debug for z/OS, IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS (FA), and IBM Application Performance Analyzer (APA) fully support COBOL modules that have been optimized by ABO.

Technical details

Supported operating systems

Optimize already-compiled COBOL modules and run optimized modules on z/OS V2R2 and later operating systems.

Hardware requirements

Optimize already-compiled COBOL modules and run optimized modules on the following hardware:

  • Z16
  • z15™
  • z14 and z14 Model ZR1