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Getting started Tutorials

Learn more about using IBM App Connect by accessing hands-on tutorials for developing event-driven flows, creating flows for APIs, and trying other features of App Connect.

IBM App Connect one-page overview

Discover how an integration platform can help businesses unlock new levels of efficiency.

Using IBM App Connect IBM App Connect Knowledge Center

Access a technical overview of App Connect, its capabilities and major product components.

Create integrations

App Connect provides two authoring environments in which you can create and test flows. You can also share your flows by using the built-in export and import functions.

Deploying integrations

The App Connect Dashboard provides a runtime environment for hosting production workloads. From your App Connect Dashboard instance, you can deploy integrations that you develop in Designer and IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.

Testing flows

Test your flows in App Connect Designer as you develop them and when they're running.

Developer resources Connector Development Kit

Use the IBM Connector Development Kit to easily build custom connectors from an Open API document or from scratch so that users of IBM App Connect and other products can integrate with new solutions that are not initially available.

IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service overview

IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service helps you to connect your applications and data by providing user-centric, AI-infused tools and prebuilt smart connectors.

IBM App Connect Community

Read blog posts from IBM experts and join discussions. Sign up for technical workshops featuring products and use cases.

Get Started with IBM App Connect on AWS

Power your integration initiatives with an iPaaS that connects all your applications and data no matter where they reside.

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