Overview of the IBM Connector Development Kit

A connector is the means by which a data source is connected to a product or service. For example, if you were using an integration app such as IBM App Connect, when you add an app (for example, Salesforce), you are configuring a connector between the Salesforce app and App Connect. IBM App Connect provides you with a catalog of pre-built connectors so that you can connect applications and build flows to automate tasks. However, what if you only want a subset of the objects and properties that are required for your automation or you want more than what App Connect provides? Now you can use the IBM Connector Development Kit™ to build connectors from an Open API document or from scratch providing you with the opportunity to contribute to the connector eco-system.

The Connector Development Kit makes it easy for you to create a custom connector, in less than a day, so that users of IBM App Connect and other products can integrate other applications with your app. The Connector Development Kit supports the ability to add CRUD operations, request, and response schemas and provides a mechanism for multiple types of authorization and authentication methods.

Once you have created and published a connector to the IBM Automation Explorer other people are able to use your app in the same way as they would with any app from App Connect.

Accessing the Connector Development Kit

To start using the Connector Development Kit, go to the IBM Automation Explorer, select Connector Development Kit in the navigation bar, and follow the instructions to create an account.

For more information about how to create a connector, see the following topics: