IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure

What IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure does for you

IBM® 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure rack-mounted unit features two drive bays that hold one or two tape drives, one or two RDX removable disk drives and up to four slim-design DVD-RAM drives. Mix drives in any combination of drive technology or electronic interface in a single 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure. High-speed SAS, USB and Fibre Channel interface options and compatibility with multiple storage devices helps protect data on critical IBM Power Systems™, IBM POWER, BladeCenter and IBM PureFlex systems. High-density applications using half-high LTO Ultrium 8, 7, 6, and 5 SAS tape drives are available on POWER8® and POWER7.


Save space with a low-profile design

Deploy a low-profile design configuration with up to four storage devices in a 1U space in a 19-inch rack.

Leverage multiple connection options

Provide multiple options to connect to high-performance IBM POWER8®, IBM POWER7®, IBM POWER6®, IBM BladeCenter®, IBM PureFlex® and other compatible original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems.

Gain reliable backup and security

Receive reliable and flexible data backup and security in the data center for organizations with rack-mount servers.

Key features for IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure

Performance and capacity enhancements

Enable the performance and capacity enhancements of half-high Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 8 (30.0 TB), LTO Ultrium 7 (15.0 TB), LTO Ultrium 6 (6.25 TB), LTO Ultrium 5 (3.0 TB), DVD-RAM or Remote DBA Experts, LLC (RDX) removable disk drives. Utilize low-cost tape options with the availability of high-capacity data encryption.

Low-profile storage solution

Leverage multiple half-height tape, RDX and DVD-RAM storage technologies in 1U of rack space with this low-profile storage solution that includes reduced cabling and multiple storage bays. Encryption is available on LTO Ultrium drives. Other drives support encryption through system software.

Low-profile design

Low-profile design can be configured with up to two tape or RDX drives, or four DVD-RAM drives. Offers a one-year warranty and includes customer-replaceable unit or on-site service.

Data protection on critical IBM Power Systems

Utilize high-speed SAS, USB and Fibre Channel interface options, as well as compatibility with a range of storage devices to help protect data on critical IBM Power Systems.