EDB Postgres on POWER8 gives you the tools to innovate

The Power Systems architecture is optimized for data workloads. For EDB Postgres, that means delivering 2.1 times more useful work-per-dollar on IBM POWER8 processors compared to x86.


Migrate your existing applications from your commercial database to EDB Postgres and build new open source applications to address your new business needs.


Handle multi-terabyte data sets supporting millions of users with guaranteed transactional integrity and continuous availability.

DBMS convergence

Support structured, semi-structured and unstructured data types to reduce the need to deploy costly, one-off NoSQL data silos.

Total cost of ownership

Reduce your per-core EDB Postgres subscription price by providing users a greater level of performance (with fewer cores) compared to x86.

Postgres on an enterprise ready platform



Gain 2 times higher performance per core over Intel based systems for OLTP applications due to high performance multi-threading, more cache and greater data bandwidth.


per core performance


Reduce your maintenance costs by 50 percent, freeing budget space for innovation. More than 50 percent of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS by 2018.


lower hardware and solution costs

IBM's OpenPOWER LC is 1.8x the price performance of x86

Facing rising infrastructure costs and pressure to innovate, why should you have to choose between controlling costs and doing more with your data? With the price performance of IBM’s OpenPOWER LC servers, you can bring your data center to the cutting edge of next generation business capabilities—without compromising budgets, capacity or speed. What will you do with Power? Real-time analytics. New data sources and types. Next-generation applications.

What will you do with Power?

• Real-time analytics
• New data sources and types
• Next-generation applications

A new breed of solutions for digital transformation

IDC helps companies navigate how to transform their business for the digital transformation which demands a new approach to data management.

Blog: Powering the open-source database movement for the enterprise

Along with the Power Systems platform, open source databases give you the agility to innovate new products, enter new markets and most importantly, make effective use of the your data.

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