The path to data-driven innovation

Modern data platforms (MDPs) are the next-gen apps for the AI era. Running these modern apps on the right infrastructure is key for optimizing the full cognitive value of the data. That’s why the right infrastructure is IBM Power technology - built specifically for data-intensive workloads.

There’s a new breed of servers for digital transformation

Why IBM Power systems are your best choice for open source databases.

Best choice for open source DBs – guaranteed

POWER8 is the first microprocessor designed for big data and analytics workloads.

Stay competitive in a digital economy

POWER8 delivers on average an 80 percent better price-performance for OSDBMS.

Empowering open innovation with an open platform

The Power architecture is designed to adapt to new forms of structured and unstructured data.

Which solution is right for your business?


2x price-performance advantage guarantee over x86

Iterate faster to build new experiences for your clients.


1.8x price-performance advantage guarantee over x86 servers

Use fewer cores at lower costs with higher performance.


60% more performance per dollar than x86

Deliver new value data relationships.


67% more throughput at 60% lower cost per transaction than x86

Master data with speed and simplicity


2.4x more queries per hour than accelerated x86 solutions

Discover real-time insights from streaming data.


1.7x Hadoop workload performance compared to x86

Unlock superior data throughput and speed for all your connected data.

Discover the DBaaS advantage

The DBaaS solution gives you access to all of these leading MDP databases and more -  in your own private cloud delivering:

•    Faster time to value
•    Improved productivity
•    Superior performance and price-performance

See why industry leaders are quickly embracing DBaaS on IBM Power Systems for digital transformation.