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IBM® Power® Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity provides organizations with the business continuity and security that they have come to rely upon from Power with cloud-like agility and flexibility. Organizations can optimize their costs with shared resources and a pay-per-use by-the-minute economics model for compute capacity in Power® Enterprise Pools 2.0.

Features Base capacity

Base capacity (processor activations, memory activations, operating system entitlement) acquired on Power10 or Power9® servers may be aggregated and effectively shared across a pool of sytems within an enterprise.

Metered capacity

Minutes of metered capacity consumed may be debited against prepaid capacity credits on an account or may be invoiced at the end of each month.

 Monitoring and analysis

Real-time and historical usage monitoring and analysis may be done by the Cloud Management Console.


Introducing IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0

IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 delivers enhanced multisystem resource sharing and by-the-minute consumption of on-premises compute resources for clients deploying and managing a private cloud infrastructure.

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