IBM Power™ Systems high performance computing servers are deployed in many of the largest clusters in the world. Configurable into highly scalable Linux® clusters, Power Systems offer extreme performance for demanding workloads such as genomics, finance, computational chemistry, oil and gas exploration, and high performance data analytics.

IBM Power Systems HPC Cluster

An integrated offering combining high performance compute nodes, low latency interconnect fabric, optional high performance parallel storage, and optional system software.

Power servers for high performance computing

IBM Power System S822LC for high performance computing

Provides innovation from the OpenPOWER Foundation ecosystem, with up to two NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators and Mellanox® InfiniBand to deliver faster insights and flexible POWER8 architecture.

IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS)

Offers advanced software defined cluster storage, combining IBM Spectrum Scale™ software with POWER8 servers and disk arrays. Deploy petascale class high-speed storage quickly with pre-assembled optimized servers, storage and software.

IBM Power System S812L and S822L

Allows scalable single and dual-socket 2U server solutions to be deployed as high-performance computing single-nodes (clusters). IBM POWER8™ processor feature up to 12-cores, 8-threads per core, and 192GB/sec of memory bandwidth, tuned for seamless scalability, and reliability.

IBM Power System S824L (with NVIDIA technology)

Leverages OpenPOWER Foundation technology to accelerate HPC and technical computing applications. Utilize the strength of POWER8 with NVIDIA® GPUs and offload parallel operations for up to two NVIDIA Tesla® GPU Accelerators.

IBM Systems Software for high performance computing

IBM Platform Computing Software to IBM Spectrum Computing Software

Provides comprehensive workload and resource management for technical computing, analytics, and big data environments. Spectrum Computing software can transform your Power infrastructure into a high performance, scale-out cluster or grid environment with up to 100 percent server utilization and greater throughput for reduced cost and faster time to results.

IBM Spectrum Scale Storage Software (formerly GPFS)

Spectrum Scale is full-featured, software-defined storage with management tools that deliver high storage throughput, the performance to effectively manage very large quantities of files, integrated high availability, and automated tiered storage.

Extreme Cloud Administraton Toolkit (xCAT)

An open source scalable distributed computing management and provisioning tool that provides a unified interface for hardware control, discovery, and operating system deployment.

IBM XL C/C++, XL Fortran Compilers

IBM XL compilers deliver stellar performance on Power Systems platforms through advanced optimization capabilities and POWER8 processor exploitation. XL C/C++ for Linux on Power (LE) provides full C++11 and OpenMP 3.1 support so you can easily migrate applications from other platforms. XL Fortran provides partial F2008 and full OpenMP 3.1 support for parallel Fortran programming.

Parallel Environment (PE)

A comprehensive development and execution environment for parallel applications (distributed-memory, message-passing applications running across multiple nodes). Helps engineers develop, test, debug, tune and run high-performance parallel applications in C, C++ and Fortran on IBM Power Systems.

Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL) and Parallel ESSL

Collections of state-of-the-art mathematical subroutines specifically designed to improve the performance of serial, SMP and SPMD applications on the IBM POWER™ processor-based systems.


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