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Celebrating those who advance businesses, reshape industries, and create positive impact, through partnership.

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Joint achievements. Shared success. The IBM Partner Plus Awards celebrate the collaborators who come together to make the world work better. Those who join forces to find new solutions to old problems, turn insights into impactful ideas, and link up to create something truly illuminating. Innovation isn’t easy, and no one does it alone. So here’s to the team players who push us all forward.
Awards categories The IBM Partner Plus Awards recognize bright ideas and brilliant innovations achieved through partnership. We invite our partners to submit a self-nomination once award submissions are open in September. AI for Business

Celebrating those who are scaling and accelerating the impact of AI through applications, automating workflows, and driving business value. These partners are training, validating, tuning, and deploying AI models.


Celebrating those who unlock new possibilities by innovating their digital infrastructure. These partners are expanding in unexpected ways, removing long-standing barriers, and giving their clients the flexibility to build a brighter future.

Digital defense

Celebrating those who take security seriously. These awards go to those who are creating safer products for their clients, protecting both workforces and end users, and ensuring the services provided are secure and uninterrupted.


Celebrating those accelerating their clients’ efforts by making businesses more efficient. These partners are improving their clients’ performance by enabling smarter systems, better business processes, and smoother workflows.

Digital labor

Celebrating those realizing new potential in our most powerful resource: data. These partners leverage their clients' data to develop exceptional experiences, more efficient operations, and breakthrough innovations.


Celebrating those turning aspirational ambitions into sustainable actions. Those who help their customers think planet-first, enacting sustainable practices, finding new responsible ways to grow businesses, and creating a brighter future for us all.

How it works
Who can enter

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Blue partners who have engaged in a project with IBM as of March 1, 2022 are eligible to submit a self-nomination.

Multiple entries

Partners may enter multiple categories, but may not submit more than one entry per category.


Each category will have a dedicated panel of judges comprised of partners and third party industry experts. Awards will be given at the regional level, and there will be one Grand Prix global winner across each category.


Self-nomination entries open September 2023 and run through November 15 2023. Winners will be announced at IBM Think 2024.


Winners and Grand Prix recipients will be awarded with global recognition at IBM Think 2024 and more.

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At IBM, we’re committed to celebrating all of our partnerships, recognizing their achievements, and inspiring others to join forces to pursue their next advancement. Erin Gabrielson IBM VP, Marketing & Communications, IBM Ecosystem
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