Project Intu

Project Intu is an experimental service that allows developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate cognitive services, such as Conversation and Speech-to-Text, with the capabilities of different devices, spaces, and physical objects.

Project Intu allows the device to act out the interaction with the user. Instead of needing to program each individual movement of a device or avatar, Project Intu lets you easily combine movements that are appropriate for performing specific tasks like assisting a customer in a retail setting or greeting a visitor in a hotel in a way that is natural for the end user.

Project Intu lets you build cognitive experiences running on a wide variety of operating systems, including Raspberry PI, MacOS, Windows, and Linux using the following SDKs:

  • Self SDK: The Intu Starter Kit contains a Conversation service workspace that helps you visualize how intents, entities, and dialog are developed. You can expand on the workspace in the kit or use it as a guide for developing your own later.

  • C++ SDK: The C++ SDK uses the Watson Developer Cloud services, a collection of REST APIs, and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems.

  • Unity SDK: This SDK allows a Unity 3D application to connect to a running self instance and extend self with sensors, gestures, or agents implemented within unity.

Why should someone contribute?

Developers who contribute to this project will increase their knowledge about Watson cognitive services, including Conversation and Speech-to-Text while adding new features to the SDK to benefit other users. You will increase your skills related to deep learning and machine learning, advancing the way that machines will understand.

Ultimately, your contribution to this project will advance the way in which humans interact with machines, making machines more intuitive and human-like.

What technology problem does the project solve?

Project Intu SDKs make it easier to consume the Watson cognitive services in devices, effectively helping you quickly turn any device with CPU into a smart, Watson-enabled device. This leads to a richer experience for users who interact with the cognitive device. Project Intu makes it possible to combine services in innovative ways that create a better user experience.