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IBM announces Elyra AI Toolkit, a set of AI-centric extensions to Jupyter Notebooks

By Luciano Resende | Published March 10, 2020

Elyra AI Toolkit is a new open source project that extends the JupyterLab user interface to simplify the development of data science and AI models.

Istio 1.5 introduces simpler architecture, improving operational experience

By Steven Dake | Published March 5, 2020

Istio 1.5 introduces the Istiod binary, which significantly simplifies Istio's architecture, improving operational experience.

Create a serverless pipeline using newly enhanced Tekton features

By Priti Desai | Published March 2, 2020

Last year I began prototyping OpenWhisk runtimes to build, deploy, and serve OpenWhisk actions on Knative.

Modernize your Java apps with open source, cloud-native tools

By Pratik Patel, Erin Schnabel | Published February 19, 2020

Open source tools enable cloud-native Java development

IBM Cloud Annotations Tool eases the process of AI data labeling

By Nicholas Bourdakos | Published January 30, 2020

A new automated labeling tool in the open source Cloud Annotations project makes it easier for developers to label data without having to manually draw…

Istio 1.4 improves user experience and simplifies managing clusters

By Mariam John | Published January 23, 2020

Istio 1.4 includes a new Istio operator, new Istio controller, new `v1beta1` authorization policy, automatic mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) support, and updates to `istioctl`.

Announcing new data sets on the IBM Data Asset eXchange

By Vijay Bommireddipalli, FREDERICK REISS, Gabriela de Queiroz, Nick Pentreath | Published January 13, 2020

Learn about new data sets and features recently released on the IBM Data Asset eXchange.

Top 5 developer trends in 2019

By Greg Gorman | Published January 10, 2020

Based on our top-viewed content created in 2019, you love containers, want to use AI, are trying to wrap your heads around blockchain, use Node.js…