Open source community involvement

IBM partners with most of the major open source communities that drive today’s businesses. Our developers are collaborators and committers, encouraging open governance, contributing code, helping with licensing, and pushing the technology forward. Below are a few of the projects where we contribute and foundations that we support.



AdoptOpenJDK provides free, pre-built binaries of the reference implementation of the Java platform from OpenJDK. Our developers are active contributors to the community.

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Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. The open source distributed general-purpose cluster-computing framework makes it faster to write applications and run workloads, simplifies gathering and viewing analytics, and run everywhere. IBM is one of the top contributors to Apache Spark.

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containerd is an industry-standard container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness, and portability. IBM is an active participant in the community with a maintainer on the project.

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IBM and Google joined forces with Lyft to collaborate on a merger of IBM’s Amalgam8, Lyft’s Envoy, and Google’s Service Control. The result is the Istio project, a first-class abstraction for routing and policy management for cloud native microservices.

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Jakarta EE

We were an early contributor to Java and, more recently, we open sourced the J9 runtime, a high-performance, low-memory footprint JVM optimized for the cloud, as well as the Liberty runtime for Java EE and MicroProfile applications.

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Jupyter Project

Project Jupyter is focused on creating open source software, standards and services for interactive computing across programming languages. It’s the de fact AI development platform for data scientist, and we have a number of committers to the ecosystem.

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Knative is an open source community project that adds tools to Kubernetes for deploying, running, and managing serverless applications.

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Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform for managing containerized workloads and services. We are active members of the community, with a number of contributors and committers to the Kubernetes project.

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The Kubeflow project’s goal is to make deployments of machine learning (ML) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable, and scalable. IBM helped to develop the project and is one of the top contributors to the project, with three active committers.

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TensorFlow is the most popular open source framework for machine and deep learning. We are active in this community, with three committers to the ecosystem.

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Zowe is an open source framework that enable developers and operators to develop on the mainframe like any other cloud platforms. IBM worked with Rocket and Broadcom to create and open source their project under the Open Mainframe Foundation and continue to contribute to the project.

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Apache Foundation

IBM was one of the founding sponsors of the foundation, helped shape the license and governance, and contributed to numerous projects. In addition, IBMers have been serving in leadership roles within the organization and on the ASF board since its launch. There are nearly 200 projects on ASF, including projects related to web technologies, XML, web services, document processing, mobile, cloud, big data and analytics, serverless, and messaging.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation

In July 2015, IBM joined other tech companies to launch the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) whose purpose was to create an open governance model for Google’s Kubernetes project. IBM continues to increase its investment in Kubernetes, etcd, and containerd.

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In 2001, IBM worked with others to create the Eclipse Foundation to create a safe place to collaborate and innovate under open governance. Today, there are over 360 projects at Eclipse with equivalent diversity of domain.

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In 2015, we worked with the Linux Foundation to create Hyperledger — a blockchain platform for enterprises. We contributed 44 thousand lines of code and established the first of the Hyperledger projects, Hyperledger Fabric, under open governance.

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Linux Foundation

In 2007, IBM collaborated with other key industry leaders to establish the Linux Foundation. We continue to be a leader in the Linux community by investing hundreds of engineering resources in the Linux kernel and in many of the collaborative projects under the foundation.

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Linux Foundation AI is an umbrella organization under the Linux Foundation that supports open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. We are invested in the community, with IBMers co-leading the Trusted AI Committee and serving on the ML Workflow Committee.

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LF Edge

The goal of LF Edge is to establish an open , interoperable framework for edge computing that isn’t reliant on any single hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. IBM is a premier member of the LF Edge community.

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ODPi is an umbrella organization under the Linux Foundation that focuses on creating vendor-neutral, open source standards for data governance, connectivity, business intelligence and analytics. IBM donated the Egeria project, the first open source metadata standard, to the foundation.

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The OpenAPI Initiative was created by companies who wanted to standardize how REST APIs are describes. The goal is to create a broadly adopted industry standard for describing modern APIs. IBM was one of the founding members of the initiative.

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Open Container Initiative

IBM is currently one of the top contributors to Docker and the Open Container Initiative. We continue to support portable containers across platforms through the containerd, Libcontainer, and other projects.

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Open Cybersecurity Alliance

IBM Security is a founding member of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance, which seeks to create an ecosystem for interoperable security technologies to work together to thwart attacks. The OCA supports commonly developed code and tooling and the use of mutually agreed upon technologies, data standards, and procedures to make it easier to freely exchange information, insights, analytics, and orchestrated response.

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OpenJS Foundation

IBM is a platinum member of the OpenJS Foundation which brings together the Node.js and JavaScript Foundations. We are on of the leading contributors to the Node.js community, and support both communities through our leadership on steering committees, boards, and working groups.

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Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF)

The launch of the Open Source Security Foundation marks an important step towards giving open source communities the information and tools they need to improve their secure engineering practices, and the information developers need to choose their open source wisely. IBM is a premier member of OpenSSF.

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