API Microgateway

The API Microgateway is a developer-focused, programmable API gateway written in Node.js to secure and control microservices and APIs. The gateway enables developers to quickly expose their existing services as APIs or create new API services from data sources, such as databases, without writing any code.

A gateway is used to protect and control access to the API services. These sets of capabilities are often related to security, such as enforcing API security (for example, OAuth) and controlling traffic (limiting the rate of transactions per seconds).

The API Microgateway provides a flexible flow engine that allows you to create flows to transform, enrich, or secure API traffic. Developers can create custom user policies that provide reusable policies to improve developer productivity and sharing across the developer community.

What programming language or techniques will developers use or learn?

The API Microgateway is written using Node.js and is extensible using server-side JavaScript. The API definitions are stored in a Swagger 2.0 file, which allows developers to create new API definitions from existing Swagger 2.0 documents. Developers will learn how to use JavaScript to secure and control APIs and microservices that are defined using Swagger 2.0.

Why should a developer contribute?

We want to provide a developer-friendly API microgateway platform that allows you to quickly meet your API and microservice requirements. It is built with an extensible plugin platform that enables you to add new capabilities, leveraging the depth of assets and expertise from the Node.js community.

What technology problem will it help solve?

The API Microgateway simplifies API and microservices architectures, enabling developers to configure security and traffic management polices in a gateway that’s external to their API and microservices implementation. It enables API best practices by leveraging a gateway solution within their architecture to provide enhanced operational robustness and scalability.

How will the API Microgateway help my business?

Businesses are driving digital innovation through the use of API services. The API Microgateway will accelerate the delivery of your API strategy, enabling easier sharing of business assets as APIs for rapidly delivering new digital services to increase brand awareness or potential monetization.