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IBM is unmatched in the breadth of our open source involvement. From quantum and blockchain to containers, AI, and operating systems, we are actively leading in today’s most influential projects and creating new projects to push technology forward for tomorrow. Join us in building the future with open source.

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At IBM, we take open source seriously. We train our employees in the best practices for engaging in open source communities and the importance of open governance, and we empower them to create open source projects that solve their business and personal problems.


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Open source skills more desirable than proprietary skills

We think that the growing trend of open source adoption in the enterprise is good for open source everywhere. We’ve learned a few things over the past three decades of contributing to open source, and we’re passionate about helping other enterprises create, adopt, and scale open source in their own companies. Learn how we do open source at IBM and read a study about why having a partner in open source makes your deployments more sucessful.

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At IBM we make it easy for our employees to contribute to open source and participate in open source communities. Learn about the developers behind your favorite open source projects.

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From expert tech talks to short snippets that help tackle a technology hurdle, we have a video for you.

Open source, Java, and the art of innovaion

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Browse our events to find one related to an open source project you care about. From hackathons to webcasts to small meetups, our developer advocates are happy to chat open source.

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Tune into our podcast to hear from some of our leaders in open source communities about what they’re working on and the future of open source technology.