Protect data — and your organization

Your enterprise data is a valuable resource that’s at risk for theft, deletion and unauthorized access or alteration. Apply zero-trust principles with data-centric security solutions to protect critical or regulated data assets — at rest, in motion and in use.

IBM Security™ offers robust data encryption solutions and services to meet these needs for organizations of all sizes.

Benefits of enterprise data encryption

Secure data in any state

Encryption provides protection for data at rest, in transit and in use.

Support compliance

Encryption helps address regulatory directives like HIPAA and GDPR.

Centralize access control

Controlling access to sensitive data helps defend against ransomware attacks.

Data encryption solutions

Protect data across environments

Secure data on premises and in hybrid clouds with IBM Security™ Guardium® solutions.

Manage cloud encryption keys

Regain control of encrypted data in the cloud with IBM Security™ Guardium Key Manager. 

Own and control key management

Centralize, simplify and automate key management with IBM Security™ Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager. 

Enable pervasive encryption

Protect data at rest and data in flight for critical assets stored on IBM Z mainframes.

Address data privacy challenges

Safeguard sensitive data with a data privacy strategy that includes encryption.

Execute zero trust security

Connect the right users to the right data, under the right conditions, in context.

Encryption services: Homomorphic encryption

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