IBM Security and have partnered to build a complete picture of your data

IBM Security and have partnered to build a complete picture of your data Read the announcement

Sustainable data discovery for privacy and security’s Inventa™ platform was built based on zero trust principles to help you gain visibility and context around your sensitive personal data in order to apply purposeful security controls and respond faster to incidents. Inventa’s sensitive data discovery and classification takes a network-based approach to uncover and map structured and unstructured data, whether at rest or in motion, in the cloud or on-premises, to help reduce your security and privacy risk associated with unknown PII. Inventa maintains a relationship map between personal data and the data subject, catalogs where copies of data are stored, and tracks the data lineage of your most sensitive personal data.

Together with Guardium and IBM Security products and services, you can embrace modern data security and privacy with a comprehensive suite of tools that can discover, classify, encrypt, run advanced analytics to understand anomalies, and take immediate action across all data sources — to successfully and securely digitally transform, address regulatory requirements, and avoid the costly impacts of a breach.


Automated continous discovery

Virutally maintenance-free discovery of sensitive data, requiring little direction to know where to scan to uncover data in known and unknown locations

Network mapping driven by AI/ML

Automated PII inventory and data subject data aggregation that ensures appropriate data protections based on risk and business context

Faster response to events

Accurate and continuous discovery, organization, and validation of data subject information to quickly respond to customer requests and to enrich incident response

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