Enterprises are gaining exceptional security, scalability and speed with IBM LinuxONE


A rapidly growing healthcare services company is saving $1 billion and improving patient outcomes with IBM LinuxONE’s scale, performance.

Huaxia Express

China’s highway passenger ticketing system, replaced 4,000 x86 servers with IBM LinuxONE to scale with growing customer needs.

The Met Office

the UK’s weather and climate service is using IBM LinuxONE to deliver timely weather data to millions of customers during peak times.

Intellect EU

A leading software integration company for financial services, brings cryptographic solutions to the IBM LinuxONE platform and delivers them as a cloud service.


A leading registry for the diamond industry is building a blockchain built on IBM LinuxONE to reduce the risk of fraud for banks, insurers and markets.

The Plastic Bank

A new type of banking system using ultrasecure blockchain on IBM LinuxONE to help reduce ocean plastic waste.

IBM LinuxONE Emperor II

Enterprise Linux servers with market-leading security deliver
premium cloud services, fast.

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