Why open source on LinuxONE?

Open source software has expanded from a low-cost alternative to a platform for enterprise databases, clouds and next-generation apps.

These workloads need higher levels of scalability, security and availability from the underlying hardware infrastructure.

LinuxONE was built for open source so you can harness the agility of the open revolution on the industry’s most secure, scalable and high-performing Linux server.

The community agrees: open source runs best on LinuxONE

  • "The results of up to 2x the throughput performance far exceeds our goal." - Simon Riggs, CTO and founder, 2ndQuadrant

  • "Ubuntu 16.04 on IBM LinuxONE – an entirely new and extraordinary class of cloud." - Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical Founder

“There is clear customer demand for Docker solutions on IBM's highly scalable servers.”

— Roger Egan, SVP Sales, Docker

Which open source software runs better on LinuxONE?


CentOS, Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu

Virtualization & containers

Docker, Kubernetes, KVM and LXD

Languages & runtimes

node.JS, PHP, Python and Ruby


Chef, Juju, Open Stack and Puppet


Cassandra, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL

Analytics & cognitive

Apache Stark, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch and TensorFlow

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