Looking for an enterprise Linux superhero?

As users, devices and apps proliferate unabated, expectations continue to rise. Your services and transactions need to be secure, your data protected and your user experience tailored to your needs and available at all times.

In the digital era, what wins is a system capable of massive transaction volumes with instant insights, and built not to fail or crack—ever. Getting it wrong means added cost, latency and vulnerability. Getting it right means opportunity.

What if there were a better solution?


Get the best of Linux—with the freedom and agility of open source and standards.


Manage 30 billion RESTful web interactions per day with sub-second response time, every time.


Rely on the Linux server—certified as the most secure, open platform and proven to deliver uninterrupted service.


Enjoy elastic cloud pricing; 60% less than public cloud and 32% less than on-premises cloud.

Meet IBM LinuxONE

The IBM LinuxONE Emperor™ server is an I/O superhero that scales to support 30 billion RESTful web interactions per day, without fail. It delivers the ultimate flexibility, scalability, performance and security for business-critical Linux applications. With a huge capacity range, you can grow to veritably limitless scale to handle the most demanding workloads.

New! The IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper™ server delivers unprecedented performance, security and resiliency in an entry-level server. This new Linux platform delivers 40 percent more virtual containers per core than the previous version, and delivers massive, high-performance I/O throughput for the demands of a growing business.

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