What is Server Time Protocol?

Server Time Protocol (STP) is a server-wide facility that is implemented in the Licensed Internal Code (LIC) and presents a single view of time to Processor Resource/Systems Manager™ (PR/SM™). STP is designed to provide the capability for multiple servers and Coupling Facilities to maintain time synchronization with each other. It is available on IBM mainframe systems.  Server Time Protocol is required for Parallel Sysplex implementations that span more than one CEC.

The benefits of Server Time Protocol

Server Time Protocol enables you to:

  • Pass timekeeping information over externally defined Coupling Links (these can be the same links used in a Parallel Sysplex for Coupling Facility (CF) message communication).
  • Access a Coordinated Timing Network (CTN), a collection of servers and coupling facilities that are time synchronized to a time value called Coordinated Server Time.
  • Support a multisite timing network of up to 100km (62 miles), allowing a sysplex to span metropolitan distances.