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IBM continuously develops new hardware and software technologies so you can transform your business and better serve your customers. Explore the innovative technologies for security, cloud, real-time insights, and an efficient IT infrastructure from IBM Z.

Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT)

Get more out of your z/OS and Linux on z platforms with this option that allows two separate processes to run simultaneously on the same core. Intelligent implementation of multithreading delivers predictable capacity for Linux workloads such as cloud, analytics and mobile. This technology can be found on IBM z14 and z13 IFL and zIIP specialty engines, as an option.

Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)

New set of instructions supports mathematical optimization integrated into IBM Z and Linux platforms. Helps improve efficiency of complex mathematical models and vector processing for workloads such as Enterprise COBOL 5.2, Java SDK8, z/OS XML System Services, CPLEX Optimizer on z/OS 12.6.1 and others. A subset of 169 new instructions is integrated into the z14, z13s and z13 processor cores.

IBM zAware

IT operational analytics technology helps identify unusual system and application behavior in near real time, reducing the time to diagnose problems from hours to minutes. Support of IBM zAware for z/OS is offered on zBC12 and zEC12 mainframes. Support of both z/OS and Linux on z Systems is offered on z13s and z13 mainframes. IBM zAware is not supported on the IBM z14 and clients are recommended to migrate to IBM® Operations Analytics for z Systems®, v3.1 (which includes IBM zAware function).

Shared Memory Communications

Protocols can help to provide low-overhead communications and improve internal and cross-processor communications. They help reduce latency and CPU consumption and are ideal for data transmission within (using SMC-D) and across (using SMC-R) processors. SMC-D for z/OS 2.2 (and above) is a protocol for z14, z13s and z13. SMC-R for z/OS V2.1 (and above) is a network protocol for z14, z13s, z13, zBC12 and zEC12 with the 10GbE RoCE Express and 10GbE RoCE Express2 (for z14 only).

Specialty Engines

Specialty engines are processors that can expand the use of the mainframe for new workloads, such as Linux on z, and reduce cost of ownership. Specialty engines are available on z14, z13s, z13, zBC12 and zEC12 mainframes.

zEDC Compression Acceleration

Augmenting co-processor compression technology with the zEDC Express Accelerator allows more data to be compressed and still kept active. You gain more efficient, low-latency compression and improved cross-platform communications. zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) for z/OS V2.1 (and above), runs on z14, z13s, z13, zBC12 and zEC12 with the zEDC Express. IBM Z Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA, a free, as-is tool) helps determine if your files are candidates for zEDC and estimates the number of adapters you will need.

Flash Express

Flash Express is SSD memory for the mainframe that helps to improve availability during workload transition and paging spikes. It enables faster snapshots of diagnostics with less interruption. Flash Express is an optional adapter feature on the z13s, z13, zBC12 and zEC12 mainframes.

Virtual Flash Memory is the next generation of storage class memory designed to help improve availability and performance during workload transitions for improved quality of service. Virtual Flash Memory is available on the z14.

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