Virtualize your entire operation with up to 100% utilization – and greatly reduce your IT costs.

Server virtualization allows organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure and save money. Virtualization on IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE™ allows you to inherit the unique advantages of IBM z/Architecture®


✓ Gain the highest levels of isolation and data integrity with the world’s most reliable and secure servers.

✓ Reduce the cost of managing a proliferation of servers with industry-leading cloud and IT optimization.

✓ Ease administration processes with our tools to consolidate and deploy a wide range of workload types.

Scalability and performance at low cost

Run 25 percent more guests with the same throughput with z/VM®.

Get 4.8 times better workload performance with additional z/VM memory.

Get up to 7 times better performance per core on IBM z14™ vs. x86.

How much can you scale?

Now you can efficiently run thousands of virtual servers on one system.

  • Host more servers per core than on any other system.
  • Scale up and out quickly during spikes in demand.
  • Economically consolidate and deploy a wide range of workload types.
  • Redistribute system resources dynamically where they are needed.
  • Provision and manage more virtual servers quickly for IT staff efficiency.

Are you challenged by limited budgets?

Lower your license and IT operations costs.

  • Reduce operational and maintenance efforts.
  • Lower the of risk application outages and business continuity costs.
  • Keep software licenses and support costs low.
  • Use floor space and energy consumption more efficiently.

Are you at risk?

Stay operational and safe with 24 x 7 available security to protect your data and customers.

  • Boost security with the highest security classification for LPAR technology.
  • Aid disaster recovery with disk volume mirroring.
  • Gain high speed encryption technology.
  • Rely on “always on” availability.

Looking to simplify operations?

Virtualize everything with nearly 100% utilization.

  • Add and/or remove physical resources while maintaining continuity.
  • Allow significant over-commitment of real resources.
  • Automated service management directs resources efficiently.
  • Communicate via the network-in-the-box.
  • Run open source virtualization technology.

Explore our hypervisor software for extreme server virtualization

Boost service levels with KVM open source virtualization on the mainframe

Consolidate and deploy thousands of virtual servers on one server.

Love Linux more on the worlds’ fastest and most secure enterprise servers

The Caribbean’s largest processing company migrated to virtualization on IBM Z

“We saved 10x what we would have spent if we were to go on a physical server”

— Eduardo Camargo, Executive VP & CIO, EVERTEC

Transform with secure, scalable and cost saving server virtualization

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