What is server virtualization? Server virtualization is the optimization of an IT infrastructure by creating a virtual instance of an operating system on a virtual platform reducing the need for more physical servers. Virtualization on IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE™ allows you to inherit the unique advantages of IBM z/Architecture®:

  • Gain the highest levels of isolation and integrity.
  • Consolidate and deploy a wide range of workloads.
  • Reduce server management costs.

Looking for built-in virtualization? Find it in IBM z15™.


Get up to 7 times better performance per core on IBM Z vs. x86.


Get 4.8 times better workload performance with additional z/VM memory.

What’s possible with server virtualization on IBM Z?

Reduce risk and increase security

Protect your data and customers:

  • Boost security with the highest security classification for LPAR technology.
  • Aid disaster recovery with disk volume mirroring.
  • Gain high-speed encryption technology.
  • Rely on “always on” availability.

Reduce costs

Meet the challenge of budget limitations:

  • Reduce operational and maintenance efforts.
  • Lower risk of outages and continuity costs.
  • Keep software licenses and support costs low.
  • Use floor space and energy consumption more efficiently.

Gain massive scalability

Can you efficiently run thousands of virtual servers on one system? With IBM Z you can:

  • Host more servers per core than on any other system.
  • Scale up and out quickly during spikes in demand.
  • Deploy and consolidate a wide range of workloads.
  • Redistribute system resources dynamically.

Simplify operations

Virtualize everything with nearly 100% utilization:

  • Add or remove physical resources while maintaining continuity.
  • Allow significant over-commitment of real resources.
  • Direct resources efficiently with automated service management.
  • Communicate via the network-in-the-box.

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