Why LinuxONE?

Highly secure, fast and instant scalable, premium cloud services


LinuxONE is the only Linux server that provides end-to-end pervasive encryption


Each LinuxONE server can replace 10-12 x86 cores


Save 30-50% TCO over an x86 solution, over a 3-year period

Meet the LinuxONE family

IBM Emperor II

This top-of-the-line Linux system is engineered to help you deliver premium cloud services with pervasive encryption, lightning speed, and massive scalability.

IBM Rockhopper II

The newest Linux server in the LinuxONE family offers many of the Emperor II's capabilities – and is sized to fit any cloud data center, from a startup to an established bank.

How can LinuxONE digitally transform your enterprise?

With LinuxONE you can make applications using blockchain perform faster and more efficiently, scale vertically or horizontally without interruptions to running applications, and gain dramatic improvements in performance, security and reliability.

Case studies

The Plastic Bank

“IBM Blockchain (on IBM LinuxONE) gives us a single, irrefutable hyperledger that cannot be tampered with…” – David Katz, Founder and CEO


“LinuxONE gives us the confidence that we can meet our clients' needs” — Jeffrey Pochily, VP of Network Infrastructure

MET Office

“We can bet the business on LinuxONE…” – Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology


IDC on security

Read why LinuxONE is the unrivaled platform for security.

Forester on encryption

Discover how to secure your data perimeter.

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