Trust, growth, and digital transformation

Keeping up with privacy and security demands, meeting new regulatory requirements and shifting IT
systems and applications to be more customer-driven puts new pressure on IT infrastructure. Your server
must scale without disruption, perform without downtime, and protect your data from attacks and error.

Why LinuxONE?

The only Linux server with end-to-end pervasive encryption, LinuxONE is a leader in security, protecting your data against internal and external threats – including privileged users – with the unique IBM Secure Service Container technology. It provides accelerated delivery of data that drives your business with dedicated I/O – without tying up all your resources. LinuxONE can scale instantly for any-sized data challenges.

Up to 9x faster encryption than x86.

Up to 50% faster Java performance than x86.

Up to 17TB Mongo DB database without sharding.

Unparalleled security

The only Linux system with pervasive encryption, with advanced encryption features built into both the hardware and software. No other Linux server can deliver more protection against both internal and external cyber-threats – faster and without changes to applications, either in a cloud or a traditional environment.

  • 100% application data encryption 
  • Key protection
  • Secure Service Containers
  • Isolated workloads for multi-tenant cloud protection
  • Tamper resistant crypto cage

Performance at scale

Stay ahead of the competition with the fastest commercially available processors. LinuxONE delivers top Node.js and Java performance with the fastest commercial processor and up to 170 cores, and can run in any environment — legacy or cloud — with virtually no downtime.

  • Duplication and redundancy of all key components designed for 99.999% availability
  • Shared-everything architecture enables best of breed workload management 
  • LinuxONE can drive processor utilization to virtually 100% without impacting performance or latency

Instant scalability

The most highly engineered Linux system for data serving, LinuxONE can scale up to 8,000 virtual machines or millions of containers – that's more than any other single Linux system.

LinuxONE scales vertically or horizontally to meet crucial digital transformation initiatives without disrupting your business. 

  • Keep your main cores free to run multiple mixed workloads in parallel without slowing down
  • Gain up to 50% faster Java performance
  • Support up to 2M Docker containers – even during spikes in demand

Lower TCO

Moving your workloads to the new LinuxONE can significantly reduce your risk and save you from many hidden costs driven by the complexity of x86 environments. You can save up to 30-50 percent over an x86 solution over a three-year period.

  • Smaller industry standard frame 
  • Lower entry cost
  • Granular scalability 

Meet the LinuxONE family

No other Linux servers on the planet are engineered like these: pervasive encryption, lightning speed, massive scalability, and great economics. Our newest member of the family, LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ runs up to 58 billion database transactions per day in the space of 2 floor tiles.

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The Plastic Bank

“IBM Blockchain (on IBM LinuxONE) gives us a single, irrefutable hyperledger that cannot be tampered with…” – David Katz, Founder and CEO


“LinuxONE gives us the confidence that we can meet our clients' needs” — Jeffrey Pochily, VP of Network Infrastructure

MET Office

“We can bet the business on LinuxONE…” – Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology

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