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of production data is created daily by the average factory, but


of that data isn’t being analyzed by manufacturers.

L'Oreal and IBM: An Industry 4.0 makeover

One billion consumers turn to L’Oréal for their beauty and cosmetics needs. For their own Industry 4.0 makeover, L’Oréal chose IBM's Watson IoT Platform and uses integrated IoT sensors on their production line in Libramont to take the right actions at the right time.

Schaeffler embraces Industry 4.0 to deliver new customer value

Achieving the promise of the digital era

“If we use data in a different way, we can be more flexible, so we can adopt faster and make decisions if something unforeseen happens.”

—Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer, Schaeffler, Deputy CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Improve logistics and supply chain management in manufacturing for the Industry 4.0 era

Maximize factory productivity

A single hour of downtime can cost you over $100,000.² Using smart technologies ─ a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data, advanced analytics and more ─ you can extract insights from your data to move from reactive to predictive maintenance, pinpoint improvements, reduce waste and increase yield.

Improve product quality

Fine-tuning quality management can prevent costly rework. One of the world's largest automakers uses IBM's predictive modeling tools to optimize manufacturing processes and turn data into real results — 25% increase in productivity, 50% reduction in optimization implementation, and minimized waste. Watch the video to see how. Then take the next step and register for the ebook for a deep dive into how IBM can improve quality in your operation.

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Discover our free webinars and get ready for smart manufacturing

Discover our free webinars and get ready for smart manufacturing

With smart manufacturing and AI, manufacturers have the power to think and act like 1,000 engineers. Follow our free on-demand webinars.

Digital Twin Technologies for High-Performance Manufacturing

Find out how digital twin technology provides real-time, interactive simulations of work in progress at a manufacturing facility.

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¹ “ Industry 4.0 after the initial hype”, 2016, McKinsey Digital