Build loyal relationships and empower individuals to be more involved in their health and well being through a consumer-centric engagement strategy. By leveraging new mobile, social, and security technologies to gain individual insights, you can deliver highly personalized, relevant products and services, as well as a smooth experience across touchpoints.

How it Works

A consumer-centric approach is about using your assets to market, engage, and personalize the consumer’s healthcare experience. By applying advanced analytics and predictive modeling to combined data from traditional, transactional, and external sources, you can redefine your value chain strategy and transform the experience for your consumers.

How you can Benefit

By applying IBM’s advanced analytics and predictive modeling to individual consumer insights from across all channels—including CRM, claims and financial systems, clinical databases, web, mobile and call center channels, social media, and partner systems—we can help you transform your consumer experience and drive unprecedented loyalty.

Case Studies

Helping to perceive how a patient is going to respond to care

Learn about Clarify Health’s platform using predictive analytics.

Launching a cognitive virtual assistant to provide personalised support

Working with the IBM® Watson® Assistant service on the IBM Cloud™ platform, Arthritis Research UK created an online virtual assistant designed to answer queries about a diverse range of self-management topics, including exercise and medication.

Raising awareness of local health and social resources with flexible, scalable cloud applications

YukonBaby developed a mobile app that gives new parents easy access to the latest information and resources both online and offline, based on scalable IBM® Cloud Data Services technology.

Using IBM Watson cognitive technology to enhance the patient experience

Going to the hospital can be intimidating for young patients, whether going in for a routine examination or major surgery. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital wanted to use technology to reduce patients’ anxiety about their upcoming hospital stay and transform their experiences.

Driving employee engagement to deliver exceptional care experiences

To deliver high-quality care experiences, Community Health Network wanted to attract, retain and develop employees across its organization. Using an IBM Social Business solution—they are taking the pulse of its workforce with data-driven employee surveys.

Additional Resources

Transform your member experience

AI is creating a paradigm shift in health consumer engagement. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits can help organizations drive operational efficiencies and improve member experience.

Nursings Unique Role in Patient Engagement for Population Health Management

Listen to this keynote presentation from Judy Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer, IBM Global Healthcare.

Loneliness and the aging population

How businesses and governments can address a looming crisis

Many diverse stakeholders can help mitigate the impact of solitude and risks associated with loneliness that can affect older adults.

A healthy outlook: Digital Reinvention in healthcare

Technological advancements are helping healthcare to become more personalized, more cost-effective and scalable, and more capable of achieving success outcomes than ever before.

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